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    Unless the system changes, we are raising a poverty stricken generation. Not too long ago many erliche yidden became businessmen and also set aside a substantial amount of time for Torah learning… Our Torah teaches us the concept of

    “Yissachar and Zevulan”, however, in the past 20 years an entire generation is being taught that KOLLEL is the only way of life and we have banished the concept of parnassah=businessman.

    Those who are not in Kollel walk around in shame. Why was earning a living good enough for our parents…who raised us with complete Yiras Shamayim and a love for Torah and Yiddishkeit and it’s not good enough for today? If there are no “Zevulans” in our Jewish Community then who will support our Educational Moisdos and other Tzedokah organizations. The entire burden has been put on the working parents. What happens when the Kollel couple are now marrying off their children and they have NO money to give to them. The cycle can’t last. A generation of our own young men have been taught to be “takers” and don’t have an idea what it means to work hard and make a living (of course there are exceptions) All they know is that the girl being “redt” for them should have a way to support them…this affects many fine yiddishe girls with no have many more prospects of Shidduchim had the family had money…. Time for change.


    All good questions, popcorn.


    “At least I know that the guy who marries me is doing so for me. Not my money. Not my parents.”

    In that case, you are indeed treasured.


    Dear parents, who have daughters,

    Please work very hard to make enough money to support all your sons-in-law, all your grand sons-in-law and so on. Being grown and mature people you need to understand, that man, who learn all his life and never work, will not be able to support his children. So, it will your responsibilities to support all future generations. Please work hard and do not complain your children request money for down payment. This is the way you raised them. You put in their heads the idea, that man can be mature to get married and have children, but not mature to support this children. You put in their heads idea, that woman suppose to be the mother and the father – take care of the house you bought, of the children she brought to this world, of the husband who helped her to have this children (but very busy to help take garbage out) and work at the same time. Why you complaining? Why they should respect you – you are not in Kollel, you JUST working. It does not matter YOU working to support THEM. You doing this because you want it.

    And, yes, I have a daughter. Her husband working and learning. I can’t see anything wrong with this.

Viewing 4 posts - 101 through 104 (of 104 total)
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