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    Drey kup

    Obviously that isn’t the only factor. But is there anything wrong with taking wealth into consideration when looking for a shidduch?

    It seems relatively frequent for long time learners to seek wealth in a potential shidduch to support their Kollel years. When a girl looks to marry for money it seems as people look at that with revulsion.

    Don’t Chazal warn against marrying into a moneyed family?


    Think about it logically. Why marry someone who you can’t please her the way she was pleased when she was younger? Unless she has beautiful middos, where you don’t have to worry about her not being pampered.


    Ahh how times have changed now the bochur is looking for an 8 cow fil.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Toward the end of this teshuvah, the Rivash explains what the Gemara means when it talks against marrying for money.


    ask LOR. kiddushin 70a “kol hanoyseh isha lshoom mamon, havyan lai banim she’ainam mihuganim.(theres some more” ) rashi says thats only if she has a psool and you ignore it for the money. check sh”u and stuff on the page whether or not its limited to a psool

    Being Real

    I personally had a friend that married for money the marriage lasted three months its definitly a plus if its there but if you dont do it for the girl herself dont do it


    In Mishlei it says sheker hachein vhevel hayoifi, which implies marrying for money is a good thing. About money Shlomo Hamelech says oiheiv kesef lo yisbah kesef, but hey no problem, just keep marrying more rich girls.



    These days people are crazy about keeping tradition and want their children to marry a learning boy. Its not the girls fault thats how they were raised.

    so if your gonna be marrying a kollel boy and the wife will be working full time and taking care of a handful of children.. then money will be a plus. it will be helpful to the craziness, but to marry because he / she is stam rich. then no


    Dreykup, why are you so worried about it? Do you have money and want to make sure boys aren’t accepting shidduchim just because of your father? Or do you not have money and want people to look at other factors instead?


    If you marry for money, you have no right to expect your spouse to be suitable.


    if you marry for money you might as well rephrase that to ” you marry THE money”


    “If you marry for money, in the end you will lose interest”

    I heard this from Rabbi Paysach Krohn.


    A clever aphorism doth not truth make.


    How much money are we talking about?


    This can be the most painful way to get money. You may be better off taking up bank robbing or hard labor.


    if you marry money, you will find it painfully difficult not to spend your spouse

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