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    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    In a recently closed thread, someone asked how it is possible that a conversation that took place in the CR is no longer there, and according to the Moderators never even took place. This poster wanted to understand how something that happened could possibly have never happened.

    Welcome to the World of Teshuva! Our chashuve Moderators (yeah 29 & 100 and whoever else there may be that I don’t know yet!) wanted to give us a mashal to help us understand how Teshuva works. You might think: “Once I did something, it has happened and I can’t change it.” Guess what? Hashem gave us an amazing gift called Teshuva, and we can actually erase the past so that something that happened has in fact not happened!!

    Thank you Moderators for the timely lesson!!

    May we all be zoche to do Teshuva Shelaima this year and finally bring Moshiach!!

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    It turns them into zechuyos or shgagos (so they still happened)

    It’s better than moderators because you can’t take away actions, if you learn from your mistakes you grow from it and it can make you a better person


    the world would not be able to exist without This special gift called TESHUVA. it was created before the world was created because Hashem knew that if it wasn’t first created then everyone would be destined for death many times C”V for various sins

    Yom kippur is not about a day of fasting & davening ITS A GIFT GIVEN BY HASHEM, A DAY SET ASIDE JUST FOR TESHUVA (sadly most of us are not on this high level & we are constantly looking at our clocks waiting for that break between musaf & mincha) if we would realize what a gift it is we would appreciate every minute of it & if we had a break in middle we would use it to say tehillim.

    ELUL is not the only time for teshuva. the entire year a person should make an accounting on himself & his actions. ELUL is a time to do it even more serious & prepare to face Hashems judgement with no exceptions except to do teshuva for all sins

    may we all full-heartedly do teshuva in bein adam l’makom AND bein adam l’chaveiro & may it be accepted by Hashem our loving father & king.

    may we all be benched for a ksiva v’chasima tova

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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