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    Bentch Kvetcher

    I am very curious if anyone has heard perspective from our Gedolim with respect to the recent shootings, and specifically the issue of Gun Control. Obviously, these are disturbing incidents that are part of a frightening trend, and I feel that Klal Yisroel needs be directed to the proper Hashkafa.


    The lubavitcher rebbe spoke at length after president Reagan got shot (by someone from a rich family etc) about the need to improve education by putting g-d into the education system thereby giving the kids a moral education as well


    The issue is mental health, not guns


    Let’s make mental illness illegal.


    as traditional jews we do not ask about rabbinic opinions, we ask about the halakha


    I suspect if you asked 5 of the most chashuve rabbonim, you will get 6 answers all of them highly nuanced and caveated . The reason is simple: The term “mass shooting”, “self-defense”, “stand-your ground”. and the underlying facts and context are so varied. All will agree that the classical notion of rechitza is assur whether one victim or many; jew or non-jew . All will also agree that individuals are entitled to take reasonable step to protect themselves and their families. Beyond that there is unlikely to be agreement on a single hashkafah any more so among rabbonim as among members of Congress seeking to find a common and unifying theme on issues such as gun control, etc. There is also a question of how a yid living in galus must act under dina d’malchusah versus halacha.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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