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    Today, Guliani and his cabal made it sound like that they have all the time in the world to prove their BS to the courts and America is stuck without a president elect until they finish.
    Guliani also said that since they have so many affidavits they have to be taken seriously.

    Can the democrat’s hire a team of lawyers to get affidavit’s from the 2016 election showing the massive amounts of voter fraud that the republicans committed ? There are no time limits. They can simply walk into court with affidavits.
    Overturning the 2016 election would be the perfect ending to 4 years of trump.


    To those who are grasping to a fantasy that one or more of the “cases” filed by the Trumpkopf will quickly end up at the Supreme Court, which will grant their request (however defined) to exclude millions of votes and award the election to Trumpkopf, get over it. He MIGHT get two votes (Alito and Thomas) and possibly a third but Roberts and Barrett actually do care about their reputations and legacy. Thats five votes. I also hopeful either Kavanaugh or Gorsuch (more likely the former) will also reject the Trump arguments.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    emes nisht sheker:

    @Syag – Congrats on another insult post insinuating that everyone that supports Biden is somehow mean. As they say, if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. Still waiting to see a comment from you on substance, rather than your consistent implications that those who supported Biden in this election are just somehow bad people.

    That is absolutely sheker. She said and implied no such thing. She has an opinion, and you are entitled to disagree, but not entitled to completely misrepresent and then attack her for words you put in her mouth.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Coffee and DY – thank you for much needed chizuk!


    GH – It won’t get that far!
    Very soon the whole world will know the Fraud that the DemonCrats tried to do on the American people.


    Oh Charlie, -“Rudy hasn’t presented any evidence of fraud.”

    To who? To You or some Liberal?
    I just listened to Rudy’s News Conference.
    I was shocked how much Fraud that there was!


    Can you imagine how thrilled the Trumpkopf must have been this afternoon watching his personal lawyer and chief legal beagle, Crazy Rudy, holding forth at a press conference at the Republican National Committee offices on Capital Hill to explain their plans to overturn the Pennsylvania results. While the venue was a step up from their last press conference in the parking lot of an adult book store in suburban Philly, Crazy Rudy managed to divert attention from his hand waving and screaming as two lines of hair coloring slowly dripped down either side of his face. Finally, one of the other members of the clown team had rachmonis on him and whispered in his ear about the slow “Just for Men/Dark Brown” drip and he handed off the presser to her while he ran offstage to clear his face.
    In some respects, you gotta feel sorry for Crazy Rudy? Can you imagine if the Trumpkopf did one of his White House “briefings” with orange spray paint running down his nose??

    rational jew

    Regardless of which side you support (full disclosure: I support Trump), are we not to be concerned about the vulnerabilities that have been exposed?
    The debate here seems to be whether or not there is evidence of fraud. But this is a separate concern.
    Even without much knowledge of the issues, a few allegations can be verified or at least strongly suspected, enough to worry anyone who just wants the best man to win fairly. These reports should concern not only all US citizens but everyone in the free world since this lowers the standards for what can be considered a fair and free elections. Corrupt people are watching closely to see what they can get away with. The US has considerable influence on the culture and values around the world.
    I really try to be objective and accurate in my observations so I welcome any criticism or corrections you may have.
    Just one of the many irregularities being reported: there have been many claims that inspectors were not allowed to observe the process enough to reasonably verify that no fraud was taking place. This alone should be enough to cause a bipartisan outcry and some serious investigations with heavy punishment and condemnations to ensure that it never happens again. If tampering is likely, those results cannot be trusted and ideally new elections should be required. Or some alternative measures that guarantees fair elections.
    Just because there is no evidence that will stand up in court, that does not mean that there are no strong reasons to suspect fraud and certainly no one should be expected to trust and respect the results. This situation should be unacceptable to anyone who cares about truth and justice.
    If no republican is allowed to observe the counting, even if there is not a shred of evidence of fraud, why should they trust the results?
    And why are Democrats and indeed governments around the world not expressing concern about this? Does it not worry them that elections are being held with such low standards? Would you eat food with a similar level of Kashrut supervision?

    rational jew

    The following is from a CNN “fact check”:

    Poll Watchers
    Giuliani claimed that more than 600,000 ballots in Pennsylvania “weren’t inspected which renders them ballots that are null and void.”
    Facts First: This is false. Nothing is illegitimate about those ballots.
    A Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice decided that the Philadelphia County board of elections complied with the law in how it allowed observers access to the canvassing process.
    The law allows the observers to be present, the judge wrote, but they do not have the right to inspect or look over the shoulders of the workers counting the ballots. The judge ruled canvas watchers in Philadelphia cannot challenge ballots and don’t need to inspect each individual signature.

    This all may be factual, and technically legal, but the fact remains that the inspectors claim not to be able to witness the counting like in any free elections around the world. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am not aware of such instances occurring in the past. The opportunity for fraud this time really seems unprecedented. Again, even if there is no evidence that fraud occurred, elections cannot be trusted if there is unreliable supervision.

    rational jew

    When it comes to legitimate concerns about mail in ballots no deep explanations are offered by CNN:

    Mail-in ballots
    Giuliani falsely claimed that mail-in ballots are “prone to fraud.”
    Facts First: Election experts have told CNN time and time again that mail-in ballots are a safe form of voting and not subject to widespread fraud.

    That is all. Just trust the experts.
    Rudy clearly described the weaknesses of this process, especially when no applications were made in advance, but CNN expects its readers to just follow the party narrative and not be overly concerned about the details, despite the fact that this means that election fraud can easily happen in the future even if no actual cases fraud can be proven.
    It is like leaving your front door wide open and to justify it by saying that there is no evidence that any property has been stolen. Yet.
    And go back to sleep comfortably for four more years.


    Rudy Guliani has a terrible record when it comes to accusations that are actually true against Biden.
    1) He went to the Ukraine with the sole purpose of finding dirt on Biden , even going to the lengths of extorting Ukraine for evidence against Biden, and came back empty handed.
    2) He says that he has a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden with evidence of illegal and improper activities. That was a swing and a miss number two for him. .
    3) He has gone to court 31 times against Biden winning the presidency and lost 30 out of 31. That is strike three and he is OUT.

    He spends a 90 minute news conference trying to prove to America that even after 2 weeks from the election and 30 losses in court, he still has the ability to prove that Trump won without showing a single piece of proof.

    Claims, allegations and conspiracy theories are not proof.

    Jenna Ellis, a legal adviser for the campaign, said at the press conference that the group was laying out an “introductory statement” with more to come, and called the team an “elite strike force.”

    They have nothing!


    Oh Jackk -“They have nothing!”

    You Libs are getting Scared.
    Well you had a Nice 2 Weeks in Your Little Dream World!
    Now it’s Time to Stop this Insurrection!

    emes nisht sheker

    @rational jew – Rudy was on TV yesterday accusing Biden of orchestrating a massive voter fraud scheme of a scale that is unprecedented. Once a guy goes off making accusations like that, without some pretty darn good evidence, I kind of feel I can probably ignore the rest of his claims.

    How about the contradictions offered by this news conference:

    Rudy – the recount in GA won’t change anything
    Powell – the software used (in the original count) switched votes to Trump

    If Powell is correct then Rudy is wrong and if Rudy is correct then Powell is wrong. This is classic Mein Kampf garbage where you make competing contradicting claims, because your supporters just don’t care about the truth.

    emes nisht sheker

    Daas Yachad – I took a look back at her comments and it seem pretty clear that her implications is that Biden supporters are mean. Maybe she can clarify that she only meant Biden supporters who are upset or concerned at Trump’s attempt to overturn and steal an election and in general undermine democracy are mean.


    ENS -“Rudy – the recount in GA won’t change anything
    Powell – the software used (in the original count) switched votes to Trump”

    YOU Do Realize Manipulation & Lying are Big Avieros?!?
    The way Dominion Software works is that they programmed it to work in certain Areas that it wouldn’t Look Suspicious. That’s why Ga. Vote went to Biden. And other Places TOO!



    On Jan 20th, in Washington, is Joseph Biden’s inauguration as POTUS.
    You can watch it on Fox,AON or newsmax.

    Trump will be golfing and spending all the money his supporters sent him the past 2 weeks.
    I have suspicions that Melania will be meeting with her lawyer.

    rational jew

    It seems that I need to be clearer.
    I am not referring to any evidence of fraud. I am only saying that there is strong evidence of potential for fraud, such as not allowing poll watchers to observe the counting closely enough to be able to detect fraud. The court case won by the republicans to allow closer inspections is strongly indicative that these claims are well founded.
    Yet democrats are not concerned by that, or other serious security breaches allowing potential for fraud, clinging to the hope that no strong evidence of actual fraud will be discovered. I do not know why you are all so sure that no evidence will turn up. Again, evidence that can change the results is not the point I am making.
    To be clear, I find it worrying that no one is bothered by the fact that fraud could easily have occurred
    without being caught, since the usual security measures considered critical in all free democracies were not consistently enforced during the counting.
    At risk of sounding repetitive – how can such elections be respected if fraud could so easily have occurred even if nothing can be proven?


    Rational jew,

    Is the counting of ballots done by one person in a basement ?
    The potential for fraud on a massive scale beggars belief.
    That some people couldn’t see the counting is meaningless.
    The election system in each state is a very public event with many layers of management and accountability.

    The Democrat’s wouldn’t mind a recount in any state.Count as much as you want until you are sure that you counted correctly.

    What Americans cannot stand is throwing out valid votes because you don’t like the results.
    Or undermining the whole system based on stupid conspiracy theories.


    Rational Jew: Ranting in bold font or ALL CAPS doesn’t lend any more credence to your unsubstantiated speculated about what might have happened than it does to Crazy Rudy shrieking in a Pennsylvania courtroom about conspiracies between Soros, Venezuela and 26 state governments run by Dems and Republicans. A conservative Republican Judge in the Pennsylvania case tonight issued an opinion addressing each of Rudy’s theories and eviscerating them along with the proposed remedies. I can understand Trump wanting to drag this out but surprised that you and several other normally rational and substantive posters don’t get that its over.


    How can anyone comment without seeing any evidence? Judges are also corrupt, and they literally take the law into their own hands. In Pa, especially, judges overruled laws that only the legislature is able to do. Clearly Trump has little support even among his own party but the bigger issue that concerns all of us is that if there is evidence based on 1,000 signed affidavits and our elections are not fair or honest, we are no better than places like Venezuela. Paper in-person ballots counted by honest people is the only way to go.


    he won last election because of Russia and he lose this one because of cheating


    “How can anyone comment without seeing any evidence??””

    Thats the problem for this judge in Pennsylvania and at least 8 or 9 other federal and state judges in 5 states who have thrown out the Trump cases. In half these cases where they had submitted affidavits, they were vague assertions with no specifics. Crazy Rudy blamed the media for not investigating the “global conspiracy” and promised that he had a “secret plan” to prove it . Times up Mr. Mayor A courtroom is not the parking lot of an adult book store where you can scream nareshkeit and expect a judge to take you seriously. Its called “evidence” and two weeks later you’ve shown none. Case dismissed with prejudice.!!


    Oh Jacki -“On Jan 20th, in Washington, is Joseph Biden’s inauguration as POTUS.
    You can watch it on Fox,AON or newsmax”

    You can keep Dreaming until then.
    But by then the world will know what a Failure some DemonCrats are – they couldn’t pull off a Simple Election Fraud!


    RJ -“At risk of sounding repetitive – how can such elections be respected if fraud could so easily have occurred even if nothing can be proven?”

    Either you’re very Nervous or really trying to make us Conservatives look bad?!?
    Anyways there is Tons of Actual Evidence.
    Like I wrote before – we wanted that Pa. Judge (Appointed by Obama) to Decide against us.
    Hopefully the Third circuit will also.
    And we will Win in SCOTUS!
    Those Lib judges play Politics, Not Law.


    The Federal Judge in the Middle District of PA who trashed Trump’s suit is a Republican appointed by Trump. NOT an Obama appointee as you falsely state


    So far, 36 of 38 courts where Trump’s lawyers – should that word be in scare quotes? – have sought relief have found insufficient evidence and have thrown the cases out of court. (I don’t know what is happening with the 2 cases still pending, but they will not have materially adverse outcomes for Biden and Harris.) Those of you looking at the evidence that Trump’s lawyers present in press conferences are looking at the wrong forums. You can kid yourself as long as you like, but on January 20, 2021, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will become the president and vice president of the United States.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Huju- why do you see the fraud issue as being a “biden is president” issue? I don’t doubt biden will be president but i am very concerned about fraud regardless of who and where. I don’t believe any elections are without fraud and if this wasn’t about trump I’m guessing many here would say the same. Can’t you admit to fraud issues without being accused of supporying trump? And can’t you admit to fraud issues that you would have acknowledged if anyone else was running? I have been very bothered by that but haven’t gotten any kind or straightforward answers when I’ve asked. And i think this is what Withheld has brought up but is also not getting real responses to.


    Kol Hakovod to Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-NJ-09) who just today filed petitions in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, New York, and Pennsylvania (the states where Crazy Rudy holds a license to practice) seeking the disbarment of Rudolph Giuliani based on his fraudulent and knowingly false statements in support of attempts to overturn the 2020 election results. Similiar efforts to sanction Giuliani and other “lawyers” appearing in these cases have been filed under Rule 11 of the Federal rules of procedure. Sadly, it can take a year or longer before a bar association rules on such petitions so the circus parade may continue for the near term.


    Huju -“So far, 36 of 38 courts where Trump’s lawyers – should that word be in scare quotes? – ”

    I know you’re too busy posting on YWN to listen to Rudy’s News conference.
    He said those Lawsuits were not from Our Team!


    Rudy said those 36 Lawsuits were not from Our Team!

    Health: You are right. They were filed by REAL lawyers who actually knew the legal standards of review and evidentiary requirements, knew the definition of “opacity’, did not hold news conferences in the parking lots of Adult Book stores and most importantly, did not shmear Just for Men/Dark Brown on their heads just before a news conference to roll out the 5th iteration of the “opening argument” oftheir legal strategy.
    Yes, these 36 cases were filed by real lawyers, but sadly for the Trumpkopf, each was rejected, thrown out proceduraly or withdrawn when the affiants realized that they could go to jail for swearing to a false statement.


    CTLawyer -“The Federal Judge in the Middle District of PA who trashed Trump’s suit is a Republican appointed by Trump. NOT an Obama appointee as you falsely state”

    I know it’s Not perjury on YWN CR.
    But it’s Not Nice to Lie & Manipulate e/o in the CR!

    From Wikipedia:
    “On May 17, 2012, President Obama nominated Brann to be a United States District Judge for the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, to the seat vacated by Judge Thomas I. Vanaskie, who was elevated to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in 2010”


    He was an Obama appointee originally promoted by former Sen Rick Santorum (R-PA) who is now a Trump surrogate on TV and blue slipped by Pat Toomey, the current Republican Senator from PA. He is an active member of the Federalist Society and respected Republican who was supported by virtually every Republican senator when his nomination came to the floor. Highly respected by everyone except Crazy Rudy whose 2 hours in his courtroom shreeded any remaining credibility. His decision in this case will be required reading in 1L constitutional law and federal procedure classes for decades. Depending on the 3d Circuit panel, his decision will likely be upheld. Not sure if they will ask for an en banc hearing or try to move to Scotus.


    GH -“Highly respected by everyone except Crazy Rudy whose 2 hours in his courtroom shreeded any remaining credibility”

    Well he was, Until he put Party above Law!

    This from CNN:
    “Brann said he would consider more arguments in writing in the coming days, and canceled a hearing planned for Thursday where witnesses could have testified. He then encouraged lawyers to stay in the remote north-central Pennsylvania town for dinner and a drink, perhaps with the opposing side. “A lot of these arguments can be cured with a drink and dinner,” he said.”

    At least they tell the Truth at the end their article!
    What a Joke!
    Canceling Witness Testimonies.
    Sending them for a Drink & Dinner!

    “Not sure if they will ask for an en banc hearing or try to move to Scotus.”

    If it won’t be Thrown out by the 3rd Circuit – It will be Thrown Out in the US Supreme Court!
    Stop the Steal! Stop the Insurrection!



    Nothing to worry about with Rudy. Nobody other than Trump is going to hire Rudy to be his lawyer after he proved in court that he had forgotten everything he learned in law school. And Trump will stiff Rudy on his $20k/day fee as he does with everyone else he does business with when he needs a scapegoat for losing every case.


    “And we will Win in SCOTUS!”

    It doesn’t matter. Even if the SC reverses everything, it is Congress that eventually decides which Presidential electors whose votes get counted. And Trump has now pissed off enough Republican Senators that there is now a solid majority that says that Biden won, a majority that will increase by at least one more in about a week when Mark Kelly replaces Martha McSally. The latest was Pat Toomey, who seems personally offended by the fact that his mentee Judge Brann has been attacked for his decision.

    Your guy lost. Fair and square. You are welcome to return to reality at any time, but since you never gave up the hydroxychloroquine nonsense, it is unlikely that you will.

    Amil Zola

    The path to the Supreme Court is not a given. It is long and arduous. 1.1% of all petitions to the courts move on to the next step of the process. Simply because the President and his party do not like the way states order and manage their voting processes isn’t enough.


    Oh Charlie, -“Fair and square.”

    That’s your Funny post yet!
    Actually a lot of us Conservatives thought that it was a good Chance that Biden would Win.
    But you Libs didn’t think that way –
    That’s why they made Multiple Ways to Cheat in this Election!
    But you got Caught!
    Better luck next time!

    Reb Eliezer

    Health, when it came to Trump’s impeachment, Republicans canceled witness testimony. Now in Pennsylvania he deserves canceling witness testimony.


    RE -“Republicans canceled witness testimony. Now in Pennsylvania he deserves canceling witness testimony”

    What an Illogical, Absurd Response!
    They canceled it in the Senate, because they already heard it in the House.
    But keep on posting Nonsense!

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