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    I know, I seem to be the only one asking for math help, but i need it!

    Ok so this problem is with exponents


    the answer is 36m^6 but I don’t know how to get it.

    Can someone please explain it to me(or more than 1 person)

    thanks so much!!


    Square what is inside the parethesis. That makes 9m^6. Now multiply by 4. Tada


    ok so PEMDAS says u 1st wud distribute da sq into the parentheses so now u have 9m^6 and then u multiply the 4 in so you get 36m^6

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    Use pemdas

    Order of math (parenthesis, exponent, multiply and divide, add and subtract)

    4(9m6)= 36m6



    In this case, you solve for the exponent first. So (3m^3)^2 = 9m^6

    Then you multiply by 4:

    4(9m^6)= 36m^6


    This a Term 4(3m^3)^2 which you want to simplify

    You need to two different ideas to simplify this term

    1. The Order of Operations (PEMDAS)

    2. Laws of Exponents

    So first lets use the order of operations. So lets first use the outside exponent which after the paratheses. Since the exponent is outside the parentheses it applies both to the 3 and to m^3. 3^2 = 9 and (m^3)^2 = m^6. Because one of the rules of exponents says if you have power raised to another power you multiply the powers. Then the final step is multiplication. So now multiply 4 * 9 * m^6 and you get 36m^6.

    If you want an explanation of the laws of exponents or PEMDAS in more depth just ask.

    Or any other math help any level I would love to help.


    There are three basic rules that need to be understood first:

    The order of operations in this case is first parentesis, then powers and finally multiplication.

    When raising the product of 2 factors by a power, both factors need to be raised.

    When muliplying the product of 2 factors by another factor, only 1 factor needs to be multiplied.

    Starting with 3m^3 (which cannot be simplified) the first step is to square both 3 and m^3 giving 9m^6. The multiplication step only needs to be performed on one of the factors so we’ll just multiply 9 by 4 giving the result of 36m^6


    Lol. These threads are always a race to see who can answer fastest. Everyone after that just looks silly. I bet the mods purposely hold off on approving responses until there are a minimum of 7 identical responses 😀

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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