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    He refused to sign a statement supporting a palestinian state so he was pulled from the concert. thoughts?



    It’s surprising how easy it is to be bigoted by labeling the people whom you are against as racist.


    lebidik yankel

    May this force him to take a stand


    we are all against Matisyahu. his music does not belong in your torah home with teire cheder children. your childrens yiddishkeit can be effected badly if they get all hooked on to his rocken music with a goyish taam.

    save yourself & your precious children before its too late.



    yankel it looks like he took a stand.



    Matisyahu has had a difficult journey – he became a Baal Teshuva, and sadly, went back off afterward. Yet we still see the Jewish spark within him. We also see that he is proud of it, and stands up for his people. Whatever else he does, I’d say that this is a kiddush Hashem, and will count in his favor in his overall cheshbon.



    Mashiach Agent, who is “we”? Because I know plenty of people who are not against him, and they are doing just fine.



    RY: fine as in you’ve examined their neshama and found it to be unblemished? I find that hard to believe on more than one count…

    Seriously, we can’t know squat about anybody’s penimios (and be in denial about ourself) but to deny that music can and does corrupt is being overly naive. Matisyahu has a powerful voice and obviously his own nisyonos — so even if you feel compelled to listen there’s no heter to promote his music as it does come with strings attached.



    Do you understand his music?


    🍫Syag Lchochma

    i did not let my kids put matisyahu songs on their mp3 players (back when it was my choice), but honestly, i have been very pained by many of the other albums from mainstream singers who should know better.

    I know it’s an old discussion but i am just saying that while your comments toward Matisyahu’s music may be quite valid, it is not very different than much of the “frum” music so it probably shouldn’t be singled out. it needs to be a consistent message to our children and consistent hashkafos for ourselves. sick music from guys in a suit should probably be discouraged with the same level of disdain. (yes, i did hold back some of the other albums when i realized what they sounded like. just learned the lesson late)



    The Hotest Simcha Song is Hashem Melech, Hashem Molach, Hashem Yimloch L’Olam Voed is a take off on Vivir Mi Vida a latin song from Marc Anthony and the original is called C’est La Vie by a french (Algerian) Arab named Khlaid



    He could have really confounded the evil organizers of this event by saying that he supports the position of Benjamin Netanyahu and his four predecessors regarding a Palestinian State.



    DaMoshe: I agree 100%. It’s absurd that people feel they must criticise him when he does the right thing.

    The only music if his that I ever heard, had a great message.

    People in kiruv say that people should not move ahead very quickly, that they should take things step by step or they’re more likely to fall back. I don’t know if this fits his case, but hopefully he will return. Attacking him certainly won’t make that happen.



    Do I have this right?

    This guy Matisyahu turns Dovid Hamelech’s tehillim into rap music, uses orthodox Judaism as a footstool to advance his career and make a ton of money, then ditches Judaism?

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