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    I wish to eat this Pesach Matza immersed/spread/cooked with liquid that is not comprised of water (Mei Peiros). I understand that this would not pose an issue even if I’m makpid not to eat gebrokts

    I’d appreciate if you can share with me whether milk, American cheese, yogurt, sour cream, muenster cheese, or cottage cheese have added water. Also, what about sliced cooked eggs?

    I imagine that scrambled eggs should be just fine, but do I need to ensure that not a tiny speck of water remains on the frying pan?

    Any clarification on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks


    From Shulchanaruchharav Web site:

    [and milk]. If fruit juice is mixed with water then it is even more of a problem then plain water regarding its ability to ferment, being that plain water takes at least 18 minutes to ferment, while when mixed with fruit juice it can ferment immediately. Thus care must especially be taken that when eating Matzah with fruits etc, that there is no water around, including perspiration, on the fruit. Practically one may eat Matzah with avocado, tomato, oil. But one must beware that cheese and butter may not be placed on the Matzah as they contain water.


    Cooking the eggs in a separate pot: Many are accustomed to use a designated pot to cook the eggs and do not use that pot for any other purpose throughout Pesach.

    The egg box: One is to search the egg box prior to Pesach to verify it does not contain any grains or Chametz from the chicken feed.


    This is a question for a Rov. Different people have vastly different minhagim about this, and there’s no way you can get a good answer from a forum like this



    Call your Rav.


    Post details of discussion.

    Not because any of us are going to prepare our meals this Pesach based on piskei Halacha of the CR. Just to give us some interesting food for thought. That kind of food is (in most cases) muttar on Pesach, and can be quite satisfying.


    This is a question for your father. Different people have vastly different minhagim about this.

    If you cant ask your father, try people from your family’s geographical region or a historian


    Need to clarify my question. I was not intending to ask questions on halacha. I’m going with my Rav’s psak that I can proceed to eat Matza with non-water liquids. The purpose of my question was whether anyone has knowledge on which foods might be available to eat with matza (See mik5 response re avocado) and whether to your knowledge certain foods contain water (Mik5 comments as well re butter and cheese). Thank you.

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