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    I want to throw out a question to fellow members of the Coffee Room.

    I have been told that Matzos from previous Pesachs (even if totally sealed) are not Kosher for the next Pesach.

    Is this a minhag or is this an actual halacha? (if the latter please provide a source as I am curious)

    Is this Universal, or just for Ashkenazim/Sfardim/Chassidim etc?

    Thanks a bunch


    I don’t know. We always take our leftover matzah and grind it into matzah meal to use for the year.

    This works especially well for all the free matzah we get from ShopRite that we don’t use on Pesach.


    A minhag. And one that bespeaks affluence.

    Let me tell you about another minhag that stems from a time where food was never a disposable commodity. On the second seder night (chutz la’aretz) someone I know has the minhag not to finish the entire piece of afikoman. Instead, they save a piece “for next year” in case they are unable to make matzos for some reason. Clearly there is no halacha prohibiting this.


    The person I know burns it with the chometz on erev pesach (assuming he has fresh matzah for the year). I once saw him do it and asked what it was all about. So your parents save them forever?


    I’ve heard such a minhag also, but there is absolutely no basis in Halacha for it.

    Y.W. Editor

    The Minhag of saving a piece of afikoman is not only in chutz laaretz, but anywhere, and it’s not in case you don’t have for next year.

    The reason is that it’s a “shmira” (protection).

    Many hang it on top of a doorway until the next erev pesach when they burn it with the chometz.

    This minhag is brought down in basically every minhag sefer (minhag yisroel torah, nitei gavriel, and other pesach seforim).


    Very nice, thanks editor! I didn’t mean to imply it is only in Chutz La’aretz, rather that it is only by the SECOND seder in CH”L. Obviously, the same would apply in E”Y to the first seder.


    I knew someone who saved a box or 2 every year and used them the following year. His reason was as squeak said, in case there wont be any next year. I don’t know if it was a minhag or just something he did on his own just in case.


    I do not understand if the Matzohs were contained in a sealed box, what could possibly be wrong with using them? Which Moforesh says so and why?


    Its a very old minhug yisroel.


    Ames, you wouldnt feed moshiach anything better than matzhah thats YEARS old? LOL 😀


    Ames, I am so happy you joined the CR, you make me laugh all the time 😀


    Actually, my mother asked our Rav this question many years ago. He told her that as long as the packages were sealed, they could be used the following year. Of course, you should ask your own LOR.


    Aw ames, you made my day! OK, I’m entering your accound and reducing the bill as we speak…

    OK, just kidding. I don’t have access to that system!


    as long as the matzah was kept free of chometz, why is it a problem?


    The Bach holds that matzos must be baked within 30 days of Pesach because of the din of sukkah yeshana. Its a daas yochid but maybe thats where the minhag is from.


    Rav Aviner holds it’s OK to keep and eat matzah from one year to the next.


    Rav Waye says it can get buggy.

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