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    I’m just curious if the allegations are true: Does R’ Abutbul really favor the Charedim in Beit Shemesh or does he try to govern for everyone including DL and even Chiloni? Should a person who doesn’t consider himself Charedi stay away from Beit Shemesh because the mosods that he plans on sending his children to won’t get equitable funding? Is the goal of R’ Abutbul and all the Rabbonim who supported him to drive the secular and religious Zionists out of Beit Shemesh?


    one of the strange things about this election was that i kept hearing chareidim say vote for him because he is chareidi and i heard those who do not like chareidim say vote for cohen because he is not chareidi. so strange. no one ever said what the underlying policies of each one would be for the town of bet shemesh. i dont know how people vote in bet shemesh but the last thing i care about when voting is the culture of the candidate. issues matter, what style clothes they wear dont. im not sure if israel is different but i cant imagine anyone saying vote for obama because he black or vote for the other guy because obama is black. it sounds really awful, actually.


    simcha – I never heard of such a thing though some people might like to spout lies, I have seen firsthand how much Abutbul has built up the city of Beit Shemesh (ie Dati Leumi and Chiloni parts) as well – between apartment projects by BIG (not for chareidim at all), the Naimi Mall, BIG Fashion mall which is American style and very modern in their area, the ezor taasiya (industrial area), expanding both the back highway and fighting for the 38 expansion – which services everyone…and that’s only what I know about firsthand!

    besalel – it’s about much more than that, not a racist thing. In this country if you have a charedi candidate it’s known that they will basically be a proxy (and listen with every move) to the gedolei hador, which can’t be said about their counterparts…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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