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    Mazal tov on the casunah of your youngest child.May she and the chosson be zocheh to build a bayis ne’eman byisroel!

    May the sun shine the entire day!

    Avi K

    Mazal tov.


    mazel tov to the entire family & the entire coffeeroom family also as we are another section of CTLAWYERs family & everyone should make a small lchaim for this wonderful Simcha & thank Hashem.

    CTLAYWER Has been a member of the coffeeroom family for many years already & his opinions & advise are always great. Dont run away from us now for the next week until after sheva brachos we need you around & are thinking of making a live satellite famous sheva brachos for the chosson & kalla in the YWN Coffeeroom

    Mazel tov


    I have been banished to my home office for a short time while hair and makeup sessions are going on and have a chance to check the computer.

    Thank to everyone for their best wishes.
    Tents, tables, chairs are set up. Flowers are next.
    The pergola leading from our sliders to the swimming pool will be the Chuppah. 8 years of training the Wisteria to grow up the columns and hand wrapping it around the top lattice makes for a beautiful and functional chuppah and sukkah.
    The chasson and his family are ensconced in MIL’s former house across the driveway. SIL hosted all the Shabbos guests for breakfast and minyan at her house just down the street. Our kitchens are going full blast, making trays and preparations. The BBQ pits have fires roaring to be reduced to coals by 1.

    Feeling joy and melancholy as the baby becomes a married woman today. B”H all the OOT relatives have arrived or are within a short drive (having stayed at my siblings’ homes for Shabbos), only our kids, spouses, grandchildren stayed here.

    Mrs. CTL gave me the final counts, daughter got what she wanted about 250 people, 60% family, 30% friends, 5% neighbors, and 5% obligatory Judges, Attorneys, politicians. The obligatory guest will attend the chuppah, have a drink and a couple of appetizers and take off before meal speeches, dancing.

    B”H Mrs. CTL has recovered from her terrible health ordeal last year and seems to have gained strength planning this event.

    I don’t expect that I’ll be able to post again until tomorrow, but I’ll keep all you in mind, drink a glass to your help and encourage any of the singles to get moving, we have some really nice eligibles here in the CR


    Mazal Tov!!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Mazel tov!


    Mazal tov!


    Mazal Tov!


    Mazal Tov!
    Unlimited Nachas! 🍾

    Little Froggie

    MAZEL TOV!!!


    Mazel Tov! But couldn’t this thread be used to somehow figure out who you really are? Is this a good idea?


    Mazel tov CTL
    Alles van die beste


    Mazel tov and wishes for your family’s good health.


    Guys, I gotta say that the food here is deeeeeelicious!!

    I wonder if CTL will every figure out who I am…


    Mazal Tov


    Mazal Tov!


    mazel tov!


    The wedding was a success, I”H the marriage will be also.
    All the guests departed last night and the cleanup will be complete this morning as they started removing tents at 7 AM.
    Mrs. CTL, that very smart lady I am married to insisted that it was fine for us to have Shabbos guests prior to the chasunah, but everyone could stay in hotels last night. My next eldest brother and his wife are hosting breakfast today for those who stayed the night.

    We were extremely lucky with the weather, it was sunny and only in the low 70s with a nice breeze. As the evening wore on we lit fire pits to keep the guests comfortable.
    This was the second of our 5 children to be married at our home and I would not trade the feeling for the most grand hotel or hall. We were in complete control with no one telling us what is or is not permitted under the contract or charging extra if the guests wanted to stay longer than anticipated.
    Our neighbors were wonderful, small town America pitches in to help residents celebrate. The local fire house has a large parking lot 2 blocks away. 4 neighbor teen volunteered to shuttle guests’ cars to and from parking and refused payment or tips. We sent trays of food to the firehouse for those on duty. No one complained about the lights and music lasting into the night., One neighbor actually set off fireworks at 11PM to celebrate the newlyweds.

    Mrs. Plony>>>>no I am not worried that I’ll be identified. There is and will be no coverage in the typical simcha pages on line or in print. I don’t think there were a dozen guests from NY and they were family, not friends who’ll not speak about it, we value our privacy. The officiants were all close family members.

    As for CR members, in the years I’ve been a member only once was I contacted, and it was by a moderator seeking legal/medical help here in CT. He apologized for contacting me via email. Even the email address I use for CR is a blind and not in my own name.

    big deal

    Mazal Tov! Asach Yiddish nachas.


    Yes, I spotted you during the dinner when I was walking my daughter form table to table to greet the guests.
    You were enjoying a rack of beef ribs that I had smoked in our own smokehouse along with roasted in the husk Silver Queen corn on the cob grown in our own vegetable garden. I saw the remains of ratatouille also made with our own vegetables on your plate. I don’t think you had yet tried the Biltong, but Geordie613 said it reminded him of the good old days in South Africa.
    You apologized for not shaking hands, but they were sticky from the bbq sauce on the ribs. You did rave about my MIL’s cole slaw recipe.
    I overheard your remark about how nice it was to attend a chasunah that served beef and not chicken. I guess you had not yet been to the serving station where the chicken shish-kebabs over coucous were being served. Sorry you had to rush back to NY. This morning’s breakfast included both lox and whitefish that were also smoked in our smokehouse.
    We have a grandson’s Bar Mitzvah planned here during sukkos….we look forward to seeing you again. Maybe you’ll arrange a van and bring a few of our CR friends. After all, if you eat by me, I expect the rest except KJChusid will as well.


    Gosh, I guess airing my opinions really do make me stand out! I hope none of your other guests were offended by my expressed views vis-a-vis the State of Israel while we were shmoozing at the seuda.

    Like always, I’m counting down the days to your next simcha. And daven that you should have many more simchas (so that I have more excuses to visit the CTL compound.)


    CTLAWYER: I hate to ask but Joseph trusted the meat without talking to your mashgiach? =D



    OOT we don’t get hung up over the politics of hecksherim. If the shul Rav was eating, the Mesader Kedushin (my BIL) was eating Joseph was eating. Kashrus HaMakom is an important concept. I believe that if Joseph did not trust the kashrus at the CTL compound he’d have stayed in NY.


    Your views on Medinat Yisrael were a refreshing break from all Trump discussions. This being an election year in our town the locals ignored your comments.

    We look forward to hosting you again.
    BTW> the chassan/kallah loved your gift

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Mazel Tov!

    ” BTW> the chassan/kallah loved your gift”
    Curious to know what you gave??

    ☕️coffee addict

    Mazel tov!

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