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    I just wanted to share my simcha with all of you. My husband and I were zochim to marry off our son last night, and the wedding was beautiful, meaningful, lebedig, and truly memorable. I think that everyone present felt the simcha almost as much as we did. So I wanted to “virtually dance” with all my female friends here, and wish all of us besoros tovos and many simchas to celebrate in this coming year.

    Mazel Tov, and much Nachas. May you and your husband see Doros Yesharim Mevorochim for many happy, healthy years. -100

    Letakein Girl

    Mazal Tov, oomis!

    ☕️coffee addict

    Mazal tov, Oomis!

    it’s ok I’ll partake of the virtual shmorg here.

    Oooo Coffee! (and non-dairy creamer!)


    Mazel tov! May you have lots of nachas from him and all!


    Mazel Tov! May you continue to have much nachas from all your children and grandchildren! May Hashem give you koach to be the world’s best Bubby for many, many years!



    Mazel tov oomis!!!


    Mazel tov!!!


    Efsher a mitzva tantz for the male posters?


    Before you have this virtual dance with the women, you should make sure the men are not virtually peeking over the mechitzah.


    Mazel tov, Oomis!!! 🙂 *does a happy dance*

    always here

    MAZEL TOV, oomis!! wishing you much nachas! 🙂


    Mazel Tov!


    Efsher a mitzva tantz for the male posters? “

    Efsher you can find a virtual cloth napkin? Then mir kennen tantzen!!!!


    Thank you ALL for your good wishes. One of the reasons I love the CR, is that I know that we all post from the heart. We went to the first post chasunah night of Sheva Brachos, and it was so beautiful and fun, and my husband and I are really happy for our son, that it all came together for him. Someone gave a d’var Torah tonight how a rov was mesader kiddushin for a talmid of his, but when they got to the chasunah, the boy realized he had left the ring at home (and clearly none of the female guests would be selling him their ring with the kavanah that it should really belong to him). So he went all the way back home and got the ring, and when he came back to the chasunah a couple of hours later, he was aboutt o say hareio aht when he dropped the ring. he began to fear that this was Hashem’s way of telling him Aus Shidduch, but the Rov told him that no shidduch comes before its precise time. It was not meant to take place two hours prior, nor was it meant to take place a minute prior. He told him to pick up the ring and finish the kiddushin.

    My son experienced something like this in the sense that when he first met his wife, she did not feel ready or old enough to be in a serious-minded relationshup with ANYONE. Then a few years later, he tried to go out with her again, and it still was not the right time. But when Hashem Cheshboned that it WAS the right time, it happened k’heref ayin.

    I wish all the single men and women here, that Hashem should send you your zivugim hagunim b’korov. I know how frustrating the process can often be, but hang in there. and I hope you all have the happy ending that we are enjoying right now.


    Mazel Tov, and much Nachas. May you and your husband see Doros Yesharim Mevorochim for many happy, healthy years. -100 “

    Thank you for that special bracha. Amein.


    Mazel Tov !

    Shopping613 🌠

    Mzel Tov!!!!!!!

    I wish them a long healthy happy life together with many children


    ??? ???, oomis, to you and your family.


    Thank you again, EVERYONE! Auf simchas!

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