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    jew boy2

    how many times do you have to make a “borei minei besamim” on a taanis to get to 100 berachos?

    how often are you allowed to make the bracha?


    How many brachas are you missing?

    In Maariv last night you made 4 brachos on krias shema + 19 in the Amida – 23
    Havdalah – 4 brachos – 27
    Melava Malka (assuming you washed) – netilas yadayim, hamotzi, bentching – 6 brachos – 33
    hamapil – 34

    al netilas yadayim, asher yatzar, Elokai Neshama – 37
    birkas hatorah – 40
    birkos hashahar – 55
    tallis/ tefillin – 58
    baruch sheamar, yishtabach – 60
    krias shema – 63
    SE – 82



    Three weeks from today, it will be more of an issue. We shall subtract three brachos from Havdalah (aish is still used) and the six brachos of melava Malka.
    Neverthelss, one can still fulfill his obligation in other ways, such as through saying asher yatzar or saying Amen to other people’s brachos.


    In this context, what exactly counts as a “bracha”? Does it have to be associated with a distinct mitzvah?

    There are many places in Shacharis where the words “Baruch Atah …” or the equivalent occur.

    And you can say brachos throughout the day in the course of normal activities or thoughts.


    Well, the Mishna Berura defines what is considered a bracha for our purposes.
    A bracha, generally speaking, requires Sheim umalchus (there are exceptions, such as Elokai Neshama where the Malchus is implied rather than explicit, and it is “appended” to asher yatzar).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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