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    I just watched a clip that was a compilation of different videos that show people getting hurt in funny ways, for example like falling headfirst into a creek… I have to admit it was funny but it seems wrong to post these clips as entertainment when in many of the cases the people really got hurt-not just a scratch or a bang.

    Is it right to watch and laugh at these videos or is it very mean?

    I mean it’s not like they got hurt because of you but it still doesnt feel right.

    i am here

    so dont watch them! i know what you mean! but unfortunately pple do take pleasure from other pple pain.


    So don’t crowd around a defenseless baby during his Beris to watch him in excrutiating pain, and don’t take pleasure from the sight.


    I feel like im the only person on earth, but I do not find it funny when i watch someone jumping off a roof, onto a trampoline, and then bouncing off landing headfirst on the floor. Or into the fence. Or onto a rake. Am i the only one on earth whos highly sensitive?? Its just ouch to me!


    Also don’t watch videos of the tragic victims who took the plunge from the WTC.


    It is part of human nature to laugh when someone gets hurt. It does not mean you enjoy people’s pain. You may be horrified at the same time.

    I heard a very deep pshat from an adam gadol why this is so (too much to post here).

    Of course, to davka want to watch it is a different story…


    147, I don’t think anybody in his right mind would stand by at a bris and “take pleasure” at the sight of a baby in “excruciating pain”.

    First, I don’t think the pain, if excruciating, lasts very long, maybe several seconds, otherwise the baby couldn’t be pacified by any means afterwards. Yes, some babies cry throughout the rest of the ceremony, but there are people out there who are more sensitive and harder to calm down.

    Second, and probably the most important, I think the pleasure people take at a bris is knowing that the baby has just become part of the covenant of Avrohom Ovinu. He has received his name and this alone can conjure happy thoughts for the attendees. Why would you think that it is sadistic pleasures that they are deriving?


    Hi Boro Park Girl.

    I know what you mean.

    At the same time you are watching them some of them are funny.

    My thought is that while slapstick is funny, when that “funny” ingredient passes into real “slapstick” physicality, where a person is truly falling or banging into something, it is sort of not right to watch and be entertained.

    That is just my opinion. Its a gray line because sometimes the people in those clips are laughing too when they get up.

    Here is a true story about something I did:

    I went bowling once and purposely went past the line where you should have already rolled the ball, and went onto the lane. Well, I have never experienced anything so slippery in my life. My legs flew up and I was parallel to the floor and then came down sliding, still, to the side of the lane. Basically, I was a gutter ball.

    I laughed and tried to play it off at the same time I was embarrassed and holding my elbow. I walked back to sit down to a sea of people, even several lanes down, laughing and asking if I was ok.

    Why was that universally funny to people who did not know each other?

    Maybe it has to do with the Freudian idea of Thanatos, and that once a person is ok, it is funny. Of course, if someone, chas veshalom was perceived to be really hurt, people would not laugh, I would hope.


    BTGuy: Sorry for your embarrassment but that story is really funny.:) I know someone who flew down the WHOLE lane and he landed dangerously close to the bowling pins.


    s2021 said : “I feel like im the only person on earth, …”

    I also find it very Not funny. I always hated the three stooges.


    I reject the idea that only if someone is seriously hurt

    (physically or emotionally) it is not funny,

    but a minor hurt is hilarious!

    terrible way to think.


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