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    BDH Aryeh Schupak HY”D and Refua Shlema to the 19.

    The Guardian is one of the first Lefty to be radically anti Israel media, especially since 911, aas such, was expected a bit.

    But CNN, who is regarded by some as ‘mainstream,’ also followed this line in its headline “exolosion” as if it just happened. Not a word about the racist Arab terrorists.

    BTW Biden still gives money to the Palestinians Authority Abu Mazen who savagely encourage the murders via PAY FOR SLAY.


    Biden, that demented Alzheimer diseased TREASONOUS America hating terrorist loving DEmonRat swine, hasn’t met an American hating terrorist he didn’t love.
    This treasonous rat,deliberately left 50 billion in arms to the murderous Taliban.
    This terrorist loving swine was the only one in Obama’s cabinet to vote AGAINST killing that monster Bin Ladin


    In essence, US tax dollars are being used to encourage masmurder.


    Palwatch is constantly documenting on the direct fault by the “moderate” Palestinian leadership, not just Hamas/PIJ/LyonsDen


    Biased BBC mentioned in one btoasmdcast the dying of Ahmed Shehadeh who has actually been training with weapons linked to jihadists.

    יאיר לפיד – Yair Lapid @yairlapid:

    אני רוצה תחילה לשלוח את תנחומיי, את תנחומיה של ממשלת ישראל, למשפחת ההרוג אריה שצ’ופק זכרו לברכה. נער שלא עשה דבר רע לאף אדם בעולם ונרצח רק מפני שהוא יהודי. אני שולח איחולי החלמה ורפואה שלמה לפצועים.
    Nov 23, 2022

    I would first like to send my condolences, the condolences of the Israeli government, to the family of the slain Aryeh Shchoupek, of blessed memory. A boy who didn’t do anything bad to anyone in the world and was murdered just because he was Jewish. I send my best wishes for recovery and complete healing to the injured.


    The Europeans have a long history of anti-Semitism. Couple that with liberalism and you get nothing but Jew hatred and sympathy for the fake Palestinians.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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