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    Reading how Associated Press reported on the police vs protests in Israel…

    Well well. Suddenly the AP has the time and “patience” to go into great length, to “explain” the background.
    Where is the AP when Israeli police enforces law and order / fights militant Arab racists terrorists aiming at Jews?

    Not to mention that the real background in Bnei-Brack is more of incitement by media and politicians against Haredim (-most persecuted group on Israel). Of course we don’t see this brutality in secular neighbourhoods where crowds of non religious gather.

    Of course EVERYONE needs to keep health rules. Of course we are against violence.

    But the hypocrisy screams.


    The leftist media, including the AP, Reuters, the New York Times, BBC, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, PBS, etc are anti-Semitic in addition to being far left media outlets.


    Call them “leftist”, “fake” or whatever. What they are reporting is a total breakdown of civil order in certain chareidi neighborhoods. There are some analogies to Portland and Seattle where authorities seem reluctant to agressively move in and restore order because of political fallout. Here is is from the right while in the U.S. it is from the left but in either case, they risk anarchy unless something changes soon.i



    On anti Haredi incitement:

    Google News “הסתה נגד חרדים”

    On media bias:

    Honest Reporting, CAMERA (.org),



    I’m not supporting any violence. I was speaking on the media hypocrisy on Israel and on the extra heavy handed treatment by police towards Haredim.


    Shoshana Chen, writing in secular ynet today: [translated]

    “How did a small group of rioters cause the police to enter Bnei Brak like an elephant in a china shop, and behave in violation of fighting rules in a built-up area lined with an innocent civilian population, including the hallucinatory action of grenades and shots in the air?”


    BULL in a China shop


    Jan.31-21. Channel 13 news, Amnon Levy program:
    Rabbi Boaz Naki first explained that the funeral of Rabbi Soloveichivk was a lad o a protest… Explaining that it was a protest for poditivity (by this he wanted to alude to secular mass media rationalising or ignoring mass protests by lefty non-religious but hypocritical but highlight anything at ultra Orthodox). He then asks the presenter of the program, Amnon Levy, why he does not ask about Al-Aqsa, why he does not show the pictures of the thousands (In density) who participate every Friday in the Al-Aqsa Mosque … He did not answer the question..


    >> why he does not ask about Al-Aqsa,

    Do you tremble (haredi) about the next Yom Ki Purim:
    ashamnu?! bagadnu?! gazalnu?! look what the OTHER guy did FIRST


    The topic is about media hypocrisy. Not to justify any wrong doing.


    Yair Cherki, Jan.31.21:
    The argument here is not wataboutism. Violations in one sector do not justify violations in another sector. In the eyes of the public, the publicity about the violations in the ultra-Orthodox sector is consumed from both the health aspect and the social aspect. The problem is not with the coverage of the ultra-Orthodox but with the non-coverage of the rest, which produces an image that does not reflect reality, hatred at times, and also frustration and insult among the ultra-Orthodox.


    Jews are always in the spotlight. There is nothing new here.
    Hashem wants the Jews to be an example to other nations. So, just act appropriately and enjoy the spotlight.

    Rav Salanter, I think, said that apikoires in Paris is due to insufficient diligence in the Litivishe yeshiva. I don’t know how he’ll respond to current situation


    These are 2 different things. Not mutually exclusive.
    1. What we have to do.
    2. And realize hypocrisy and bias where it’s at.


    >> realize hypocrisy

    So, we agree on facts. Maybe Hashem sent us AP to help deal with our problems.

    In a similar case, Rav Shach writes that Arab hostility was helpful to early Zionists. Without it, they would go to University of Beirut and assimilated.



    After the Arab mass funeral in Tamra (at the funeral of Ahmad Hajazi, a student who was shot dead during a shootout between police and criminals in Arab town Tamra), and the media did not make it as interesting as a storm at the funeral of the ultra-Orthodox, Yair Sharki (religious) said the ultra-Orthodox do not believe you (media). Because when you survey another funeral you do not survey with such condemnation as you survey the ultra-Orthodox.

    Yaron Avraham (non-religious) replied that one does not justify the other, but this time admitted that there is a founke standard in the media’s attitude toward the ultra-Orthodox, because until now they have claimed that a demonstration is okay, but a funeral is wrong. But if a funeral is okay in the Arab sector then what is the fuss about the ultra-Orthodox then?


    Secular Intifada: An appeal to the ombudsman to open a criminal investigation against the Haaretz newspaper

    This past weekend, senior journalist Uri Misgav published an article saturated with incitement and racism against the ultra-Orthodox public in the Haaretz newspaper, B’Tsalmo decided that they are no longer silent in the face of clear media incitement against the ultra-Orthodox public.

    Aharon Miller, Bechadrei Chadarim, Jan.24.21


    >> if a funeral is okay in the Arab sector then what is the fuss about the ultra-Orthodox

    what is the point of being “ultra-ortho-dox” when you think you can behave like the least educated members of non-Jewish society. what is the point of going to yeshivos for several generations at someone else’s expense, if you are Honor” your teachers who just died from Covid by continue infecting more people – ratzahta vegam-yerashta?



    The OP has repeatedly said that this thread is not about what we should or shouldn’t do, it’s about Media hypocrisy.
    It is also a Media lie that the Chareidim are the only ones who break the rules. I have seen countless non-religious people without masks and nobody seems to care (masks are mandatory in Israel).
    In fact I had a guy who asked me why Chareidim hold weddings, and he wasn’t even wearing a mask! Apparently only Chareidim need to conform.


    >> , it’s about Media hypocrisy.

    I understand your point. And I understand it bothers you because you are confronted by people who read this. I am asking to look wider at the issue.

    What is then your point on dressing differently, if you don’t want people to pay attention to your behavior. You (generalizing here, not you personally) had a chance to explain to your kids that to respect your Talmidei Chachamim and take precautions to save their lives and their Torah. Instead, you are burying those Chachamim with a half-mask at best.

    This bothers me more than what an unlearned paper might write.



    I also understand your point, and I think we all agree that we should ‘take precautions to save their lives and their Torah’, however I don’t think this is a ‘wider look’ but a different point entirely .

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