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    I will be moving to Passaic, NJ at the end of September and need to apply for Medicaid. Is there a person or service available (happy to pay!) that will help me through the application process? Which documents need to go to which office(s) at which times, etc?



    I don’t have any information about someone who will help with the process, but as it’s not complicated (except for adult medicaid – for a senior.) You should be able to call them and ask for an application. Ask them if you should set up an appointment or walk-in.

    Look up “your County” Department of Social Services – here it’s Ocean County Dept of Social Services to get the number.

    When filling out the application, you will probably need birth certificates and social security cards for all family member, recent bank statement from all accounts, proof of income paystub, etc for 6 weeks, I think. If you babysit, or rent to a tenant or similar, they can sign a letter that they pay you xxx monthly, weekly, etc.

    As you apply, they’ll let you know what you’re missing. Again, just call and ask them what to do. It’s not so hard or complicated.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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