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    What are you experiences with medical insurance for your son/daughter learning in Eretz Yisrael? More specifically, does anyone have experience with AIM and how well it worked? IY”H our daughter will not need it, but we wish to be informed.


    my daughter had aim. it was wll worth it. head doctor is an american.


    I know someone who had AIM too, but got totally messed up. Yes, the head doctor is American, but I would suggest that if there is a problem ALWAYS go for a second opinion… my friend did and it was well worth it.


    I know about AIM from people who have used it in the past. Yes, the head doctor is American, so that is wonderful. He speaks in clear English and is understandable. Going to Israeli places can be problematic if they dont speak English… The problem with AIM lies with needing help for something that is a “prior condition”. Someone had a condition that was completely cleared up and had no issues with it until she came to seminary. Because of the types of trees, flowers, air quality ect there, it flared up a little. They did not want to pay for a prescription since it was a prior condition even though her medical form said “cleared up, not present, no complaints about it for years”.

    Besides that, they will do flu shots at an extra cost (it came out to about $20), which other companies may not do.

    Don’t most seminaries make you take a specific company? Same with cell phone companies and seminaries- no real choice here.


    ConfusedTatty, where is your daughter going for seminary?


    I am aware of their pre-existing condition issue. As I understand it, one benefit of AIM is that they schedule appointments for the student (which can be a hassle) and you pay the rate they negotiated with the doctor. Thus, even if the issue is pre-existing, you pay less than you might otherwise. Can anyone confirm these benefits?


    The mirrer Yeshivah in Yerushalayim offer 2 types of insurance for all bocherim from abroad.(Mandatory) A basic hospitalization coverage etc..

    or a more extensive coverage, for a little more.

    I’m surprised the Yeshivahs & koilelim & sems don’t offer something.


    Just to clarify. I believe most, if not all, yeshivas and seminaries require medical coverage be purchased (either included in the tuition or purchased separately). I understand AIM has two coverages, basic and “gold.” Again, I am simply interested in people’s experience with the benefits of AIM to determine if we should purchase it or other insurance. As this is our first child going to Eretz Yisroel, this is our first experience with it. (When my wife and I were there we seem to remember using kupat cholim but have no recollection how that worked)


    Check your american insurance. We have blue cross/blue shield and it covers 100% worldwide (better than the coverage in the us). you may have to pay up front, but they’re very good about reimbusement turn around times. We only found this out after two daughters had aim in seminary and one son had it for four years in the mir!

    Letakein Girl


    I’m currently in the process of signing up for AIM medical insurance, and feel that I should clarify that AIM has changed their policy on preexisting conditions. There are 2 plans- gold and platinum. Gold is about $120 cheaper than Platinum, and doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, whereas Platinum does indeed cover them.


    You can sign up for insurance with the kupot cholim.


    I had AIM for 2 years in seminary and for 6 months after making aliyah.
    Takes a long time for a kupat cholim to kick in and from what I understand, they usually won’t tell you whether something is covered until the end of the year etc. (Not sure exactly but heard a lot of horror stories from friends on kupat cholim)
    AIM tells you ahead of time what will be covered and will also give you a price quote if you ask for one for something specific. Also, things they don’t cover they give you forms to submit to your insurance. They also get you appointments with specialists that day or next day, in other insurances you have to wait for months.
    Had an amazing experience with them


    AIM was very helpful when there was an outbreak at the Seminary. They sent a doctor at no charge. They also have an excellent Dr. Claire Hershkowitz, who is an Adolescent Pediatrician. Called for appointment at 9:00 am and saw doctor at 10:15. Great service.


    Don’t have experienced with AIM but I got my son covered by Meuhedet International. The care and service was great, the doctors were also English speaking.

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