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    A friend of mine is considering this yeshiva and I would like to find out some more information about it. He is a serious student and was strongly encouraged by his rabeyim to continue in top batey medrash in america, but is very drawn to the style of learning he witnessed in medrash shmuel, as well the phenomenal clarity of the rosh yeshivas shiur despite the difficult sugya.

    From which yeshivos in america are the guys that go there? Do most guys stay in learning long term? Do they branch out to other yeshivas eventually? If yes which yeshivas/kollels?

    How would you describe the unique style of learning in this yeshiva?

    Is the rosh yeshiva close with the boys that they can build a relationship with him and have hadracha and guidance?

    Any other info you feel would be helpful for a mesivta bochur deciding whether medrash is the right yeshiva for him would be helpful.


    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Caution: If anyone knows about the Yeshiva and wants to help reishischochma by telling him about it, please make sure not to say anything negative as that would constitute Loshon Hara. Stick to positive and neutral information only.

    Reishischochma – imho, if you really want to find out about a Yeshiva, this is probably not the best place to do so. For one thing, you have no idea if you can believe anything anyone tells you since you don’t even know who they are.

    For another thing, they are not allowed to give over negative information in this type of forum.

    You may be able to find out some things such as what Yeshivas the guys are from. But I would suggest you try to find people in real life to tell you about the Yeshiva.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I don’t know what yeshivos the guys come from but I do know that my son is very happy there. They have a very specific style and have a strong emphasis on growth. They have had problems in the past with a reputation for drugs and many people think of that when they hear the name but that is not so.

    The boys come as they are, committed to being there, committed to growth but not all in the same place. This yeshiva focuses on genuine Torah, not walking the walk. My son commented on how many of the first year boys have phones or wear less “in the box” clothes but by second year have changed to more mainstream looks because of their own growth and choices. It’s a very powerful thing but not for everyone.

    Many boys who go move on to other places but some are there to stay. There are about 250 people from beginning through kollel and they are very committed.

    The boys are drawn to the Rosh Yeshiva who is a very special and unique individual. They meet regularly with a mashgiach about their personal goals and growth and they are supported in ways you have to see to believe. Not just by the Rosh but other staff as well.

    The genuine growth and learning is very inspiring to those who experience it, they have a very unique view of those who produce cookie cutter boys and the need to have a personal relationship with Hashem. I am not talking about a “Love Gd in your own way” or “do your own thing” approach. I mean they keep tabs on their insides as well as their outsides in ways that I have not really seen in other places.


    I’ve known many people who have been in and out of the Yeshiva. The only common denominator is the unfailing admiration for the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rav Moskowitz SHLITA. I’ve met him many times myself, and I must say he’s a phenomenal talmid chacham and human being in general.


    What Yserbius123 said. I’ve only met Rabbi Moskowitz once, but I was very impressed.


    It’s not a mainstream flatbush/lakewood if you get my drift kind of place. It’s a very diverse place. There are guys that have come from flatbush, five towns/far rockaway, OOT , South Africa, Canada, UK, and Australia.

    The Yeshiva is right next to town; for some, it’s a challenge that’s difficult to overcome.

    The Rosh Yeshiva is a central focus. So, it’s a place where one can gain a connection with said person. Rabbeim and Kollel people encourage guys to stay there a long time, and the hashkafos are a bit different from mir, and the like. Definitely hadracha.

    If your friend witnessed the style of learning, then he has an idea of what it’s like.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I’m not sure when lakewhut was there last or knew someone there last but the above description is not quite accurate. True there are guys from all over but few from NY (who in this place would be OOT). True that the Rosh Yeshiva is indeed the central focus, but town is not a “difficult challenge to overcome” for the boys who are there now, things have changed over the years. And they strongly emphasize self awareness and introspection with an extra emphasis on spiritual growth (the kind that sticks).

    If you want to be scared off by the clothing of the boys that go in instead of seeing who comes out (and some stay forever) that would be your choice/loss.


    I can re-iterate what Syag Lchochma said in parentheses, ‘and some stay forever’.

    I know a group of people who are ‘Medrash Guys’ here in England. They are proud of their Yeshiva, their Rosh Yeshiva and their derech halimud and they keep together, and keep in touch with what is happening in the Yeshiva even long after leaving. I would say they are shtarker Baale batim. I also know that the yeshiva has produced many Rabonim of what’s known here as United Synagogue communities.

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