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    The minhag by many, as stated in eiliyah rabbah, is to lein certain p’sukim of the megillah with a special tune to highlight their significance and certain p’sukim with the tune of eicha to highlight their sadness. This is something which doesn’t exist when we lein the torah: I have never heard of anyone leinin some p’sukim in the torah with niggun eichah.

    I posit that the difference is that k’riyas hatorah is just a k’riyah, whereas mikra megillah is recounting the neis (and, as the g’mara says, that mikra megillah serves the same purpose as saying hallel) and therefore we ‘act out’ the entire story.

    The truth is, we do find some instances where even the torah is read with a special tune (shira, aseres hadibros). Shira doesn’t pose such a contradiction to what /i said but aseres hadibros (at the very least, those who lein it b’ta’am elyon even not on shavuous) seems to directly contradict this. However, if I’m wrong, my question resurfaces why do we never lein any sad p’sukim in the torah with niggun eicha?

    A side question on this minhag: Tanach is supposed to be read with trop and the importance of trop is stressed by the poskim, some even extending it to k’riyas sh’ma and the like, so why do we ignore the trop by those certain p’sukim and lein it with a tune that not only ignores the trop but actually changes the meaning that would have been connoted by the trop (making m’sharsim into mafsikim and vice versa)?

    Rav Tuv

    The custom is to lain Devarim 1:12 to the tune of Aicha. We read this Parsha the Shabbos before Tisha b’Av


    The premise here is not quite correct. “Eich Esa Levadi, Torchachem u’Masa’achem v’Rivchem” is Leined in the Torah in Eichah Trop.


    1st Possuk of Sheni on Parshas on Devorim is also read to tune of Eicho.

    When reading Massa’ot in Massei as well as order of travel/camps arrangement of the tribes in Bamidbar & Beha’aloscho, we also intone a special tune and don’t follow trop.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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