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    Meir Kahane seemed to have advocated violence, even to the point of killing.
    It also seems (at least according to this Jewish Press. See link below) that he was held in esteem, in some shape or form, by many Gedolei Yisroel. Though the general consensus of the people who’ve I asked was that he wasn’t supported by Gedolim.
    I”m a bit confused by this whole thing. Was he or was he not held by the Gedolim’s? And if yes, would that seem a bit strange?
    Kahane came up in the comments section of the YWN article about the guys walking around with guns in Monsey, which reminded me about my confusion on the matter.


    He didn’t advocate violence, he advocated self-defense.


    “Rabbi” Meir Kahane to you


    He advocated violence when the Torah advocates violence, and not at any other time. He was a huge talmid chochom, and a paragon of chessed and of ahavas yisroel,


    YG18: What is missing from the linked article is a time reference. Are they referring to the New York Based founder and leader of the JDL (1960’s) or the Israeli based founder of the kach party (1970”s) or as a Member of Knesset (1980’s) until he was assassinated. Many of the NY based Rabbanim only held of him when he was in EY defending the decisions of the State of Israel against the world not when he was living in the NY and heading the JDL.


    iacs, wrong


    1: And your basis for saying so? I made my comments based on what I recall from during that time period.


    achrei mos – kedosim, but not achrei mos – talmid chacham. he and rov frisch aka rabbi f caused a death, accidentally as a result of their insensitivity.


    Mr. Kahana definitely did not have the support of the gedolim. Indeed a number of the gedolim specifically spoke against his activities. His Jewish Defense League, Zionism and vocalness were counterproductive to the Jewish community. Quite a number of his JDL colleagues ended up with long prison terms for committing violence. And they helped virtually no one.

    Btw, Kahana said a few times that he was safer in the States than in Israel. Yet look at how he left the world.


    To quote R’ Avigdor MIller, Posted on not long ago
    “i will not give an opinion cause i do not know him, but he was one of very few who adamantly opposed the reform and conservative agenda”.
    As someone pointed out earlier, vigilant self-defense is not “violence”.
    And to those who oppose him, even if he was wrong, he was a frum jew, and you may not disparrage him. Furthemore, he was a remarkable person in his avodas Hashem. It is said about him, that when he heard of an imam who woke at 5 am every day to study his book, R’ Kahane said, if he does so, surely a yid can do better. And he Started rising to at 5am to learn.
    He may not have had the right hashkafa, but he was a great man! Can you say you would do the same?!


    It’s impossible to refute the fact that R’ Kahane hyd had much love for his fellow yid.


    “Mr. Kahana definitely did not have the support of the gedolim”


    Perhaps not but Rabbi Kahane did have semicha from Harav Avraham Kalmanowitz, zt”l, Rosh Hayeshiva of Mir in Brooklyn. On another thread you expressed your disdain for semicha nowadays, presumably to grant yourself the right to spew fake psak, despite not having the cred to do so.

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