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    I can predict your future by reading the numbers on your credit cards, copying them, and finding gematriyas. I must have your card number, issuer, expiration date and three or four digit code to do this.

    In order to test my skills I also use your cards to make some orders that cover my expenses.


    I would like to comment on a negative post about the mekubal tzion menachem.

    I am a fan.

    I entered with a heavy heart, and left with a sense of peace.

    I was given excellent commonsense advice, and also some advice that hit home- that I didn’t necessarily want to hear. But it was important to hear it neverthless. I just had surgery and he told me it was matzliach. A big emotional burden was lifted from my shoulders after I spoke to him.He gave me advice on how to deal with a raging pre teen. The unconventional advice worked.

    For me that is enough.

    I tried shleping this kid to theray for over 3 years and nothing worked. I go to talk to him ONCE , I come home and all is good again on the home front. Unbelievable. This kid had a heart to heart with me telling me how much she admires the stuff I do for people as chessed. This kid tells me ma,I overhear your conversations, I don’t know how you can stand alltheese difficult people. you’d be a millionaire if they paid you what you are really worth!

    This is the same kid who has put me through the mill,

    tells me she wants to grow up to be like me.

    I call that a miracle!!

    An open nes!

    Also, some weird things have been happening since I spoke to him. I bumped in to people I haven’t seen in a long time and opportunities in parnosah opened up through them- a bit weird (mI am a former non believer in hocus pocus…mekubal stuff) and wonderfull as well.

    I personally witnessed 2 irreligious men with out a kippah wait over 3 hours to talk to him and ask for his sage advice.

    They walked into the room and unrolled a set of blueprints with roads and houses on them

    I persume ir was to ask him where to build, dig etc a new settlement.

    They trust him- must be for a reason

    My cousin was having trouble with shidduch for years. He met and got engadged to his bashert prescisely 30 days after he met the rov and he promised to daven to open up his mazel at kever shmuel.

    He also is down to earth. He tels people how it is- not what they want to hear- when they need to see a hypnotist or shrink to take away their fears. He is not afraid tosay it as it is.

    Also it angers me when people say the mekubal’s gabbi asks for money. don’t you pay your dentist or doctor a minimum $100 a visit? Are you sure the medicine your doctor is giving you is going to work???!!

    Will you curse him out and loose emunah in doctors if it doesn’t?

    A Tzadik is not g-d. He is like the parallel :Layman:is to doctor

    as Layman to mekubal. He knows stuff you don’t, he has spent years learning stuff you haven’t.

    show some respect.No one is forcing you to go!!!!

    Also this money is tzedakah. The merit of giving tzedakah alone can help you have a yeshuah. Giving to a tzadik-or someone that will commit to a month of work for you- for $150.00 thats less than $5.00 a day. It buys him his sandwitch for lunch while he is osek in davening for YOU DAILY!!!

    Also, I have never heard of a tzaddik turn someone away for lack of funds. ever. the gabbai may be rude…. bec thats his job- to raise funds- but when it boils down to it….

    if yo are willing to wait, they are willing to see you.

    paitience is a virtue.

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