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    Little Froggie

    <A> Two hours before the zman, in Shul, doing the Parsha, meforshim, etc.

    <B> Half hour before, in Shul, grabbing a Sefer and Siddur

    <C> Ten minutes before the onset, huffing into Shul

    <D> Exacly at the zman

    <E> Ten minutes late, still dripping, disheveled ..

    <F> …

    OK, I didn’t mean you have to publicly fess up.. Oh, just in case you’re from the bottom few (me included), just a reminder, Shabbos will b’ezras HaShem arrive in six more days, at around sunset time. Start you preparations now..

    (maybe we’ll make a survey for the women – Shabbos cooking too, (actually I could comment, cause I do the cooking – see ‘Posting on Erev SHabbos’))


    What’s ?


    Enough time to go to the mikva and say Shir HaShirum before Mincha.


    I’m memaharim lavo

    Shower? Lol. I haven’t taken a shower for shabbos since I became an adult, except on vacation basically. Maybe if I lived in alaska and shabbos started after work hours.


    Best preparation for shabbos is a nap in the afternoon winter and summer. Been doing it for years. Everything goes better. Try it!

    By the way wife also does it. Table is set Thursday evening etc etc.


    Popa: Then I guess you’re also memaharin latzeis 🙂


    Anyone with kids does not get into shule 2 hours early, or even 30 minutes early. And why does one “huff” into shule if he’s 10 minutes early? I get to shule 5 or 6 minutes before mincha, which is certainly enough time to enter like a mensch – I certainly do not “huff.”


    I’m there two hours early — but then go home to prepare for Shabbos. The rest is mystery.


    Enough time to read Shir haShirim from a Parchment scroll {over which I recite a Berocho on Shabbos Pesach}.

    This being after I have trashed the packaging from the packaging of my folded laundered shirt from the cleaners.


    “Shir haShirim from a Parchment scroll”. Interesting. I thought I was the only one who did that.


    I guess both you R.T. & I had $600 to spare to procure a Shir haShirim on parchment scroll.

    Could you R.T. help me raise some funds so that I could procure a Kosher Sefer Toro and do my Shenayim bMikro from a Kosher Sefer Toro.


    Rav Shimshon Pincus Zatza”l has a beautiful sefer Nefesh Shimshon (English) Which discusses the kedusha and specialness of Shabbos.

    One topic is preparation for the arrival of Shabbos.

    Study it well and your Shabbos will be uplifting.


    We are sitting on the couch reading, waiting, relaxing…


    I’m usually rushing to finish the final preparations for Shabbos – I set up my wife’s candlesticks and put on the tablecloths, and obviously need a shower for Shabbos. I usually drive to shul on Friday afternoon, and I make sure I’m there before candle lighting time so I’m finished with any melachah by that time. I then read divrei Torah on the parshah until Mincha starts.


    Preparing the house for Shabbos is, to me, a spectator sport.

    X is the expected average time required to shower, shave and dress. Y is the expected leeway time that should be left in case of emergency. Z is the shortest possible time one can get ready if nothing goes wrong.

    X/2 + Y = Z

    Most chevra end up with Z, if they’re lucky.

    the plumber

    Youre all rookies. You got to do what i do. Go to a minyan that doesnt care to start on time. No matter how late you show up youll be number 9 or10 and theyll still finiah before every other shul in town. Thats the life


    the plumber,

    Your minyan sounds like a bunch of slackers, they get to shul real late and rush through it.

    the plumber

    Na. Were not slackers. We daven, we just do it quickly and not on time. As long as we make zemanim why would anyone care when we start?


    Remember that tosefes shabbos is an obligation from the Torah according to many Rishonim.

    the plumber


    Dont worry. In my shul we take care of toaefes shabbos by waiting 51 minutes for maariv


    I don’t do any school work on erev shabbos, get all dolled up, pack up and go.

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