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    Can anyone recommend some good kosher beaches in Israel and what days/hours they operate?



    How can a pubic beach be kosher? How are people of the opposite gender prevented from seeing people at the beach?



    Fix your keyboard.



    If you Google חוף נפרד the first site that comes up is Hidabroot and has a list of all of them. I’ve been to Ashdod a couple of times it’s really great. I think I went to Bat Yam once also and it’s good too.


    Avi K

    Joseph, there are guards.



    Avi, the guards prevent entering. How is viewing prevented from outside the guarded area?



    Why is it a problem if men are visible to people while they’re at the beach?

    In any case, the separate beaches have high fences around them and mechitzas in the water which separate them from the mixed beaches.



    YY, it is a problem when the women are using the separate beach. Do all of them have visibility blocking mechitzas both in the water and on the surrounding land?



    Yes, of course they do. At least all the separate beaches I’ve been too did.



    בימים א’, ג’, ה’ – נשים.
    בימים ב’, ד’, ו’ – גברים.
    החוף ייפתח ב-8:30 עד 19:00 גמר הצלה.
    Tel Aviv:
    בימים א’, ג’, ה’ לנשים בלבד, ובימים ב’, ד’, ו’ לגברים בלבד.
    Rishon Letzion:
     ימי פעילות החוף : ימים – א’ ג’ ה’ – נשים בלבד , ימים – ב’ ד’
    ו’ – גברים בלבד



    At the Kinneret there is a beach/shore that has separate sides for men and women so you can have a family trip and both genders can enjoy the water at the same time.



    Joseph, don’t be a noodnik creating problemswhere none rxist. The topic is mens beaches, not womens



    Joseph, don’t worry. There are beaches here that have the haskama of rabbonim. Your psak does not add anything. Going to the beach is one of the pleasures of the summer. I did invest in tznius bathing suits for me and my daughters as an extra.

    There are beaches in Haifa, Ashdod, Bat Yam, Rishon Letzion, Herzliya, and Netanya. If there are not two separate sides, which I think Netanya has as well as the one on the Kinneret in Tivera, then it is usually like this

    Men – Sunday morning, Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning and Friday morning.

    Women – Sunday afternoon, Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, WEdnesday morning, and Thursday afternoon.

    There are companies that will drive you to the beach from Yerushalayim (maybe other cities as well), wait there for 3 hours and then drive you back to the pick-up point. Great way to spend the afternoon. Don’t forget to bring sand toys and a big tube to ride the waves with. Great fun!!!

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