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    So I’m desperately looking for someone who has been to meohr recently/knows about meohr. I’ve heard that it may be a really good option for me as a second choice, but the more I think about it, I don’t really know much about it at all, and it’s very timely. If someone could try to give me some information on it, that would be great! for example what type of girls they look for? Are they very academic, and if so how? what are the teachers like? How big or small is it? do they serve meals daily. ect. Anything would be very helpful! thanks 🙂

    pet peeve

    hi happy,

    i’ll try to answer your quations:

    its hard to classify what “type” of girl goes to a school. you could say that Me’ohr is a bais yaakov school and they are looking for solid bais yaakov girls who have depth, are interested in thinking and learning,and are ready to experience a very special year in EY. Me’ohr has a big mix of people, as it is not looking for stereotypes of cookie cuts, but for strong individuals who want to grow both personally and in yiddishkeit.

    academia: different from any kind of learning you’ve had, if you are from the mainstream bais yaakov schools. there is more class time than there is “homework” time, and yes, there are assignments and tests, etc. But the work is not overwhelming by any means; it is completely manageable, and it isn’t the goal of the school to pile the students with work for the sake of work. Learning, not homework, is for sure the focus.

    Teachers: very very special people! Like the students, there is a mix in the styles of the teachers. this is so that everyone has opportunity to connect with someone, there isn’t just one “type” or style amongst the teachers. what they have in common, though, is that they are a fantastic group of very special people; strong teachers, talmidei chachamim, incredible individuals. There is much to be learned from them by who they are and not just by what they teach!

    size: it fluctuates, when I was there we were a group of about 80, now its hovering closer to 100.

    meals: yep, all three 😉

    there is a lot to say about Me’ohr; its easier if you ask specific questions, I’ll be happy to answer as much as I can.


    Thanks! that was really helpful actually 🙂 I really like that you specificaly mentioned that they aren’t looking for a “cookie cutter” but for strong individuals ect.

    Is the class time ever too overwhelming? Do they make it seem like the main reason why your coming is to continue your learning education, or really to shape who you are and grow as a bas yisroel? Also honestly everything you said really sounds wonderful. I just had a question about the academics. How textual will it be, meaning is it a problem for someone who really has difficulty translating things past pesukim and basic rashis? also one last question, I don’t know if its true at all or not, but is it true that meohr is very “new yorky”?

    Anything you are able to answer is extremely appreciated! 🙂

    pet peeve

    I don’t think class time is overwhelming….its really reasonable and manageable. plus, when classes are stimulating, interesting and applicable, they aren’t a drag but a pleasure!

    As for the main reason: I don’think I can answer that, each person comes with their own goals. Both of the aspects you mentioned are big parts of the year. BUT the goal is for sure not to only gain lots of knowledge and just cover ground and have the girls be constantly studying and studying. Self development is a major part of the experience, but again, its how much you put into that, how invested you are in your own growth that makes the difference. No one can “make” you become something; they can guide you, offer you tools that will help your process, but the recognition, awareness, and eventual paradigm shift is internal. there is a tremendous focus on self development and growth as an individual. each person’s experience is different.

    regarding text:

    in most classes, that wont be a problem. there is one very textual meforshim class, but you shouldn’t have to worry about that–they will work with you and help, it certainly shouldn’t be a reason to not apply. if you are interested in the general idea/program, dont worry about the textual level. most people are fine. and if you’ve been in a mainstream bais yaakov school, you should be prepared just fine.

    as for “new york” style: each year has a different flavor, but I’ve seen many years of Me’ohr, and I’ve never felt that it was overwhelmingly new yorkish. the staff AND the girls, largely, are very warm, friendly, accepting people. like any school, its a mixed bag, but meohr is a very diverse place; i think when i was there, there were 85 girls from 40 different schools! so there is certainly not one group that is more dominant and takes over. each year, im always blown away from the girls: they are solid, strong, vivacious and inspired people. they are warm, interested in growth, have tremendous depth and substance. its amazing to see how girls come in, and further develop over the year into very very special people. i’ve always said that in seminary, the learning experience is really divided 50-50: u learn as much from the dorms and the girls as you do from the teachers. being surrounded by good people is a HUGE part of the year!

    if you have any other qs, ask away.

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