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    Hi! Meor and keser Chaya is where I’m thinking to apply just because people tell me that I should but I no nothing about them!!! If anyone knows anything about these places like about the school, the teachers, the girls, anything!! Please tell me cuz I really need to no know if I should really apply there!!

    Thank you!

    Shopping613 🌠


    I wish I could give ya advice! Hang in there, you will get accepted to a seminary in the end.

    But with schools you gotta push, unless you have protectzia and are a model student.

    Good Luck!


    my neighbor and good friend has a daughter in keser chaya this year. the teaching staff seems to be good, the work not overwhelming, the girls semi-yeshivish the premises are decent not great HOWEVER the administration seems to be very disorganized.

    a few girls have made sandwiches and eaten shabbos meals in the park because they had no place togo, also the girls went tonetanya and went thru the hospital including seeing women in labor. pretty starnge sounding.


    @bubbles17 – check out the “Seminary in EY” thread. It has descriptions for both of the seminaries you are interested in.

    Wishing you lots of luck!! (Don’t want to scare you off, but you will need it 😉 )


    don’t know anything about Keser Chaya, but 4 family members went to Meohr. All were great girls, but with very different personalities and academic records. All had terrific experiences, the year was really special. The place is organized, the staff is on top of things, the girls developed a kesher with many of the staff members and still maintain that Kesher. The school is on the Neve campus. Rabbi Greenwald is an expert mechanech, with many years of experience. I would consider it for my own daughter, but we are going to do seminary in the States (for other reasons). Hatzlacha!


    Thx everyone for wat u replyed but if anyone knows anything else about these seminaries plz tell me!!! Also I’m not sure about a third option to Apply to so if anyone knows another place similar to meor and keser Chaya plz let me no cuz it’s so hard to decide!!

    live right

    I don’t think meohr is on neve campus.


    its in bait hakerem


    hi maybe look into ateres. ateres is a nice place they have 3 tracks so pep can go on any acedmic level. kesher chaya the 1rst year it opened was open to taking girls on any acadmic level & was amazing. the girls really loved it! I think this year though there trying to make more acadmic so idk if it will be as good


    any more info on ateres?


    See the ateres threads.

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