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    Note that if you type in “hospitalized Meron pain” or “condition of Meron patients” or other permutations, to try to find out how the hospitalized Meron victims are faring (such as orthopedic or spinal pain), guess what you come up with:

    Yep, you guessed right! There’s a zillion search yields on the topic of the emotional pain surrounding the tragedy, or else you see terms such as “moderate condition” of hospitalized patients and so forth.

    But I can’t find even one yield which describes the condition, and physical pain levels, of hospitalized survivors, who can be somewhat compared to Holocaust survivors. And yes, I do understand the need to honor privacy, but there’s no need to publish names.

    How very odd, the [relatively] low incidence [I think more so in frum communities] of topics related to physical conditions as compared to emotional conditions, of which there’s a zillion articles.


    Why should the exact condition of the survivors be made public?

    The hospitals do want to be sued for realising information?


    I didn’t mean that hospitals should release info. There are plenty of other channels on the www. There are private websites, blogs and forums all over the place, which can relay info via the grapevine. It happens all the time at warp speed. BTW, people in today’s times have been ongoingly conditioned to think that emotional pain is the worst of the worst. But that’s so far from the truth, because severe physical issues impact emotions as well. I mean, how many people even give a thought to vets in VA hospitals, or to those crippled by various Intifadas? But forever they have in mind Sept/11 and the same is with Meron/21. But not so much the living korbonos, rather the non-living korbonos, with exceptions such as Rav Lau.


    You do realize that your Google results are customized based off your past searches.


    and everyone else’s searches too, so ywnjudy has a point
    you may think of how you search

    for example,
    “meron” patient injured hospital
    “meron” patient condition hospital

    try “meron” “blood” victim to read uplifting stories about people donating blood …

    use double quotes to mark words or sentences that “must be” in the response

    Rav Tuv

    N0mesorah is 100% correct. I searched on Torah and the 1st page on Google was 10 best ways to do bitul Torah.


    musser +1! I tried “Torah” and it asked me several questions back.

    You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you can judge a person by his google answers.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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