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    Because they know everyone, and need the parnassa.

    A meshuloch called me erev yom tov for funds.

    I said may be you know someone for my daughter, and he had a few suggestions!

    Shticky Guy

    Imagine the conversation if meshulochim became shadchanim…:

    “Hi I have a suggestion for your daughter”.

    “How much will that cost me?”.

    “Well, last year you offered me $xyz so I’d expect at least 20% more this year. You know the money is all going to a good cause!”

    “No, I cant offer more than $xy this year. Times are hard.”

    “But Mr Ploni just gave me $WXYZ this year!”…


    On the other hand, it could actually be a smart idea as there are many similarities; both meshulachim and shadchanim try to ‘sell’ to you something they claim is unique and deserving of your attention, but is in fact usually quite identical to many others like it (moisad or boy/girl) on the market, but they try to convince you that theirs is special and different. So they do overlink, agree?


    Hashem is with them,they have siyata dishmaya


    One meshulach used to “redd” shidduchim to my daughters whenever he came to the US. She ended up marrying a bachur who he did not set up, but who was a ben bayis by him and he helped facilitate the situation

    Dr. Pepper

    Probably not a true story but here is goes…

    When I was in Eretz Yisroel I volunteered to go collecting before before Pesach. There were strict rules- we had to be dressed in Shabbos clothing, we always had to be with a partner as well as the common sense rules.

    Then the guy in charge told us a story about one guy whose collecting partner had to leave and he continued the route on his own. At one house the couple invited him in to sit down, asked him to say a Dvar Torah, have some cake and a drink- then asked him if he’s ready to meet his daughter…

    In subsequent years the story got better and better. This time there was a knock on the door during the Dvar Torah, the father asked to be excused for a second, slipped the guy at the door a 50 Shekel bill and then returned.


    “Because they know everyone”

    Also plumbers.


    Dr. Pepper:

    Dating in Eretz Yisroel, normally the bochor doesn’t pick up the girl at her house.

    Dr. Pepper

    Is that why you don’t believe the story?


    I was merely pointing out that, perhaps, the story would have gone better if the setting was placed in America or England.

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