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    is it practical to say that a teenage boy CANNOT go to Miami on vacation?


    With a username like joker it’s difficult to know if you’re asking a serious question. However ill answer with a serious question. Do drum teenage boys LIVE in Miami?

    Little Froggie

    As practical as it is asking on a public forum.

    And the real answer is it depends; for some yes for yes for some no. Oh!!


    this is a very serious question I think we sould ask patur avul assur


    “Practical” to say so? Meaning will he disobey and go anyway? If that’s your concern I think you have larger issues…

    However, if you meant a) is it practical for him to go, that’s going to depend on your family situation, or b) is it reasonable to say he can’t go, absolutely unless tickets have been booked for months and you already said yes a while back (barring extenuating circumstances).

    It would be a lot easier to answer if the question itself were clearer.


    Incidentally, I’m assuming this is a parent/child situation in which case the terms “mutar” and assur” are not really relevant. If you did in fact mean is it assur, then whether or not it’s “practical”, whatever that means, is not an appropriate question. If it’s assur (although I’m not sure I see how it could be), it’s assur, end of story.


    jf2 – The question didn’t make sense. In the title he seems to be talking about Assur/Mutar, although he phrases weirdly ‘is it practical…’ – I think he means halacha/hashkafah, but just wrote it wrong. (Excuse my thinking, but it sounds like a troll question)

    If you don’t mind me asking, Joker, firstly please explain why you would think it assur or muttar/practical impractical when you ask the question?

    And secondly, why would bochurim be any different to any other Jewish male (if you were discussing the Pritzus factor, which I imagine would be the only reason for it to be more ossur than anywhere else)?


    I have heard there are actually yeshivos there.

    Probably next there will be one in Vegas.


    I went to Miami (about 30 years ago) and while walking in the street on Shabbos met someone from my shul and his wife. since we were both “out of towners” we struck up a conversation. When I got back to new York they called me with a shidduch. Of course the story had a happy ending and I still thank them after each grandchild. So yes Miami is a great place to go.

    Nowadays, the best bet for bochirim is North Miami beach. You can rent a private(kosher) house and pool there, which will accommodate 6-8 boys for about $450 a night. There are 5 shuls and a kollel in the neighborhood.


    Miami -Ft Lauderdale area is the 3rd largest jewish community in the world after Israel and NYC area


    btw there is a yeshiva in vegas


    I don’t think this is an issue of Miami per se. It really is a matter of Shmiras Einayim. You can’t live in a cave, but if you care at all about protecting yourself you may want to be careful about where you go.


    Miami is a very nice place to live with a nice Jewish community in north Miami beach and Miami beach but to go on vacation is a different story

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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