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    In my opinion Michael Bloomberg is the first credible threat to trump 2020
    He is Bright articulate rich doesn’t care what anyone says about him and uber focused.
    in short the polar opposite of the Donald.
    He scares me.
    Share your opinion please


    He doesn’t scare me.
    I would love to see Trump out of office and if it takes Bloomberg to beat him so be it,

    This is NOT an endorsement of Bloomberg. I’ll not make a choice until the CT State Democratic Convention in 2020 when I know who will be on the primary ballot. That said, I’ll not be voting Harris, Sanders, Buttegig, Booker, Yang….and the list goes on.

    Yabia Omer

    Bloomberg is too short. Americans love tall presidents. Also he has a very tired affect when he speaks. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy.


    That you want trump out we know.
    That I want him reelected, I’m saying.
    My conversation opener is two fold
    Do you agree that if is a credible threat to trump and do you agree that from the current crop he is the first (and currently only) threat


    Hillary gave strong indications a few hours ago that she may jump into the 2020 Democrat primary for president.

    Also, the former governor of Massachusetts may join the race.

    Shimon Nodel

    If you like money, vote for Bloomberg


    Bloomberg has no chance of winning the presidency

    To the liberals, he is an old white guy who supported stop and frisk and represents evil greedy corporate America

    To the conservatives, he is a guy who raised taxes and spending like crazy as mayor of NYC and too pro-immigration.

    His ideas like big cup of soda bans would be antithetical to middle America

    And as a frum person, I’ll never forgive him for saying “Who wants 10,000 guys in black hats outside of his office”?

    (Just imagine the outrage had he simply said “Who wants 10,000 black guys outside of his office”?)

    ☕️coffee addict


    And metzitzeh bpeh (I don’t subscribe to it but I see the war against it would have only been the beginning)


    I am very scared of what country will look like if any of the current Democrat contenders should win the election. I am far less scared of Bloomberg winning the election. He did a pretty good job in NYC and I think he can do a pretty good job as president. He’s a little too liberal on some issues for my taste but he’s WAY better than any of the crackpots that are currently in the running.

    That said, I don’t think he has a much of a chance of winning the nomination because he’s too normal for the new wave of Democrats out there.

    It would be very interesting to see what happens if he runs as an Independent. It could end badly if he takes votes away from Trump but not the democrat nominee. That said, I don’t think he’d run unless he gets on the ballot as a Democrat.


    CTL, we get it. You’re a Biden hack.


    He doesn’t scare me. He’s running on a party that says there shouldn’t billionaires and he’s a New from new York. He’s the type people think of when they bring up the Illuminati.


    His type doesn’t appeal in today’s era. Charming as a wet frog, rwice as dull , and stuffy. Imagine , if you can, him packing arenas with banners to hear him drone away and 20,000 more outside breaking doors down. Unless his VP mate is Pochahontas, which in this case everyone wants to be selfied with a NY Jew and a snow white Cherokee tandem.
    I wouldn’t worry.


    Remember he took away metzitzah Bpeh if Chad vashalom he wwins he could make metzitzah Bpeh illegal in the whole us.

    The little I know

    The way that Trump tried so hard to make the Wall a mission, Bloomie will most certainly seek to put bike lanes on all interstates, and to levy taxes on all automobile purchases, leases, and rentals that will penalize every driver. Our tax forms, which might no longer collect information on whether one has health insurance, will now have a disqualifier for most deductions- having a drivers license.

    Why could he not take retirement more seriously?


    Bloomie is a traditional Republican (think Bush, Reagan, Eisenhower) on issues such a free trade, immigration, foreign policy and national defense. Unlike the other Democrats who are at least paying lip service to the “woke” (radical socialist, somewhat bolshevik, agenda), he would appeal to many of the “Country Club” (“Wall Street”) Republicans and the NeoCons, who can’t stand Trump but are terrified of what the Democrats are offereing (e.g. Trump may be an isolationist, but most Democrats are surrender monkeys, Trump is undermining world trade but the Democrats will destroy the American economy, Trump may be making a mockery of the Constitution but the Democrats threaten to tear it up). Remember that Bloomie is running against a Democrat field that has apparently turned Marxist (though occasionally they get confused and follow Groucho rather than Karl).

    If you love Trump, Bloomie is your biggest threat. If you hate Trump, Bloomie is your best hope.


    Bloomberg is like a Democrat’s caricature of a Republican.


    Bloomberg is spending truckloads of cash
    Where is he up to?


    secondly yabia you nailed trumps plan
    ”Bloomberg is too short. Americans love tall presidents.”

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