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    Someone suggested to me that there is midda k’neged that the day after the Israeli supreme court – the highest present authority in the state – decided that they have a right to weigh in on halcha and recognise reform conversions, the ICC decided that they have a a right to weigh in on international law and crimes.

    Are we supposed to assume that they are connected?

    [Perhaps this is less obvious then some cases gedoilim have clearly pointed to – i.e. in sichois mussar of Maran Sar Hatoira r’ chayim shmuletiz zatza”l he references a woman who turned down a ben toira for her daughter due to his limp, and subsequently broke her lleg, or when the europeans closed the border rosh hashana time and subsequently ended up closing their borders by their new year.
    The story goes that someone told Maran haGriz that his zeide R’ chayim volovzhiner was zoiche to such a fmily since he avoided signing the ches against chassidim, and the brisker rov told him “I know you have a shtiebel in yerushalayim and teveria, do you also have a shtiebel next to the kisei hakovoid?”]

    What is the RIGHT hashkapha?


    Why should we care about a fight between the ICC and the zionists. That said, you make a good point about midda k’neged midda with this comparison.

    Reb Eliezer

    It says ‘דע מה למעלה ‘ממך – you should realize the judgement above from מדה כנגד מדה. The Daroshas HaRan says it reflects on the hashgacha. Mishna Sotah (1,7). The Baal Shem Tov says Hashem Tzilcha , Hashem is like a shadow, reflecting back your actions.


    Totally not connected.

    The Israeli Supreme Court is a self perpetuating unelected group of people . No one in Israel is responsible for their actions. Plus they are the type of people who would probably agree with whatever anti-Israel positions the ICC take. Ditto for the Reform movement which is for the most part who would would also take the same position as the ICC in anything pertain to Israel
    I do however see the midda kneged middah in relation to Cuomo YM”S . He used his emergency powers to created red zones. Now they were taken from him in disgrace.

    He made it easier to sue Yeshivos with less proof over allegations of abuse. Now his career is getting destroyed over those allegations.

    And in Gehonim they will be mashlim the rest for Cuomo


    >> gedoilim have clearly pointed to … when the europeans closed the border rosh hashana time

    I did not hear this dvar Toirah. Which gedolim pointed out this interesting connection?


    smerel ;

    The israeli supreme court is the HIGHEST power in the state.

    They are indeed self-perpetuating, therefore making the body most closely related to the original founding members of the state about whom the gedoilim famously declared that their primary intention was uprroting the toira; the secondary establishing the state, and the culprits of yaldei tehran etc….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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