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    I am a 43 year old single man. I have a PhD in Mathematical Statistics, even though I hate mathematics and statistics with passion. Do not ask me why I have PhD in that subject. My net worth is the debt of $40,000 for college. I have Asperger’s syndrome and no life skills — I do not drive and poorly communicate with people. It is a severe handicap — although it is not treated as such.

    I am unemployed — I do have an unpaid internship, but both me and my adviser know that I am not interested — thus my chances of getting a paid job are null. Fortunately my parents support me and even give me an allowance. My grandmother is very sick, and I help her to some degree.

    Nevertheless, the situation is such that everyone is unhappy. Can anyone advice me on how not to become homeless? How can I get welfare benefits? Is it possible for me to enroll in a Yeshiva University and take on more student loan while I get a degree I can use?


    Here’s my recommendation (although I doubt you will accept it); take the first job offer you get. If you finished your education I imagine that you are good at it. Your second job you can be picky about. Look for something that will use your degree but something that you enjoy… or while you are working you can go to school for something else.

    good luck


    I do not know.

    How do I obtain a disability? I have a combination of Asperger’s Syndrome and Depression. Will it help me get a job?

    If I study in Yeshiva, I can serve G-d and obtain a share in the World to Come. In this world my perspectives are not bright.


    Believe it or not, the original Chicken Soup for the Soul books contain pages and pages of true stories(situations that changed from hopeless to miraculous)….I was personally greatly inspired by those stories. But the COMMON DENOMINATOR in all of them is NEVER to give in to despair,and to be open to a positive turn of events SO THAT WHEN IT COMES YOUR WAY, YOU WON’T MISS IT!!!


    I recommend going to a social services facility in your area and obtaining the necessary welfare benefits you are qualified for.

    I would not recommend you going for another degree, just continue searching for a position.

    It is illegal for an employer to discriminate based on disability.

    Find a mentor to study Torah with and you might be able to find a position in a Yeshiva. Which will enable Torah scholars to study.

    Best of luck towards furthering yourself and best wishes for success!


    >> I recommend going to a social services facility in

    >> your area and obtaining the necessary welfare

    >> benefits you are qualified for.

    I guess I should — I have a triple disability:

    1) Asperger’s Syndrome

    2) Moderate Depression

    3) I hate the subject I have a PhD in

    Does anyone have any more advice? I am indeed Lost!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I know that many people with asperger’s suffer from depression and it is fairly common for them to take anti depressants. Have you tried that? I am not a big advocate for meds but if the depression is inhibiting your ability to function it might be worth looking into.


    I have rarely missed a dose after 1997. I am taking Effexor 75mg/day. I guess I need to take at least 300mg/day, but the circumstances which prevent me from taking that dose are private.

    Does anyone know for how much assistance I can be eligible?

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