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    :)does anyone have any information on the midrasha, which is a place for college age girls to stay in eretz yisrael with classes i think twice a week? any information is appreciated, or if anyone knows of any similar options that aren’t expensive, or of any place for a post-seminary girl to stay while in school/working, twould be much appreciated! thanks in advance

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    S E F, just google “midrasha”- if you have any problems let us know.


    d’ya really think i didn’t try that first? i couldn’t find it, and also i wanted first hand info… but it’s ok if you don’t know… i was only asking for pple who do. but thanks for the tip, adn i really do mean it! :0)

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    Google: ” Midrasha programs in Israel” to get you to

    Israel Science and Technology Homepage

    Then to search

    then Jewish studies

    then midrashot

    then official agencies (list , some english speaking organizations)


    before anything else, i want to apologize for my last post-it came out sounding obnoxious… the way i say things and the way they come out written are very different, so i’m sorry if it was taken the wrong way and that it came out as it did. Thank you so much for your help! i still can’t find it, but b’ezrat Hashem i’ll figure it out… Thanks again!

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    the link you give is no good.

    Also try :

    WHY is this not going through, please?


    thanks for your help! actually, the focus right now is finding a place to live, not so much classes… thanks for your suggestions! i’ll definitely try those as well…

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    Please stop posting links, or you will be blocked. -95

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    Of course any link one goes to, one has to check each reference that it is according to Torah – even a “frum” one like the coffee room has also to be checked all the time – one can’t assume anything and one doesn’t. The best thing is to directly negotiate with a reputable midrasha( that is, all teaching according to Halacha – Orthodox Jewish law) regarding fees or ask if a scholarship situation exists.

    Going into such a midrasha it is really almost impossible to control the “environment”-the clothes of the girls, their attitudes in the face of what they are being taught, their behaviour, etc – could be a lottery. Unfortunately some of the “best” midrashot had pictures of the most appalling dress.

    Nisia Tova(have a good trip).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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