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    B”H i don’t get migraines frequently but today’s was a doozy. i tried Motrin +coffee, i tried excedrin and fluids (3L).

    i didn’t try sleep (yet. school+Y”T prep and still not done for the day)

    if anyone here has migraines, whats your tried-and-true cure for them? mine isnt working and its hard being a zombie all day

    (yes i know to go to a doc for med advice. i just want to hear what other people do. dont yell at me for asking for opinions. TIA)


    Are you stressed? No amount of medication will help that kind of migraine…


    I suffer from migraines, and until I got a prescription for sumatriptan, nothing could make them go away, not even sleep. If you really think they are migraine headaches then I think you should get the medication.


    don’t drink caffeinated drinks

    write or wrong

    Having suffered from migraines for many years, this is my advice: If you want to avoid prescription drugs, you have to take 1-2 advils and a (strong) cup of caffeinated coffee at the FIRST onset of a headache. Then, and this is the crucial part, you HAVE to lie down and try to SLEEP. If you can, there is a good chance you just warded off a migraine. If this doesn’t work, the only solution is prescription meds, like imitrex or fioricet. Whenever I get a migraine, I take a pill, lie down in a dark, quiet room with an ice pack on my head and try to sleep. I never took imitrex, but have taken fioricet for many years, sometimes with codeine if the pain is unbearable. Unfortunately, it’s not working for me anymore (probably I’ve been taking it for too long), so I’m in the process of looking for a different med.

    If you haven’t yet gone to the doctor for your headaches, it is the FIRST thing you must do. How do you know they’re migraines and not sinus headaches, or something else?

    Also if you get migraines, you have to pay attention to what triggers them, like: skipping breakfast, too much caffeine (including chocolate, coffee and soda), a fan blowing on your face etc.

    Hatzlacha, and feel good!


    ask your local orthodox rabbi


    Everyone who gets them has different triggers and different ways to deal with them. What works for some won’t work for others. Giving advice is silly. Just find what works for you.


    NOMTW, nope not stressed. i have my cap and gown hanging in my closet 😛

    OOM, i want to try other things before going for rx’s meds

    pcoz, what is your reasoning for removing caffeine?

    WOW, i DID that. i took motrin and coffee but not the sleeping part. then it turned into a migraine-nausea, dizzyness, mind fogged up etc. had i gone to sleep i would have been fine but i had this thing called school…

    i do know my triggers-change of weather. in the past 2 motrin, 2 tylenol plus strong coffee and sleeping all day works, if i have the day off to do that.

    yita, huh?

    sam2, in order to find what works for me, i have to know what to try

    update: i went to sleep and B”H most of it is gone, just left with a minor headache.


    Just believe it will go away

    It actually works.


    Ive had these headaches where im nauseas the whole day and have to lie in bed and the next day i have pain in my shoulders is this a migraine? im not sure but in the past i think ive gotten these headaches from sleeping too much like on shabbos sleep a whole nite and then a long nap in the afternoon is this a possible trigger?


    If you have to go to school or continue going about your day without sleep, it’s very hard to ward off the headache.

    A few things I will add, that I would never take that advil or coffee on an empty stomach. The migraine makes me nauseous and the advil will make that much worse. And I would say 2-3 advil, not 1-2.

    Also I find, eating a hot, filling meal, and drinking a lot of liquids, when you have the headache. In general, not at the time of a headache, but always remaining hydrated, eating enough, or small snacks to be full, and sleeping as reguarly as possible. Not too much or too little.

    I will sometimes buy a slice or two of pizza to help feel full and satisfied (when I already have a headache) although it’s not in my budget to buy pizza. A iced soda/slurpy with caffeine too.


    I used to get brutal migranes

    went to rabbi elya katz in bp who gives free classes on dr sarnos method mind over matter ( all from stress)

    havent has a migrane bh in 3 years

    write or wrong

    Consider the treatment to be threefold, with the ‘sleeping’ just as important as the ‘Motrin and coffee’, and you should be able to ward off most migraines. Good Shabbos-Chag Sameach!


    excedrin migraine has always relieved mine in one hour after taking two pills


    moski, i wish! yesterday was bad timing for a migraine. as much as i tried ignoring/distracting myself, it was still there

    the goq, i don’t know, sorry. people experience migraines differently.

    kollel_wife, for headaches my limit is 2 advil/motrin. any higher and i run the risk of the side-effects. higher doses give me headaches. (yes, it is a documented side effect). coffee interestingly relieves nausea for me many times but yesterday i did drink fluids and ate b/c i know it only gets worse if i skip meals.

    elik, my migraines are not stressed induced, rather they usually come from changes in the weather.

    WOW, well said and very true. but like i said, i could only do 2/3. its hard to sleep in school when you are in a class reviewing nearly 2 years worth of info. from experience i know i need hours of sleep to get over a migraine but not always possible

    thanx e/o! a gutt shabbos and a gutt Y”T!


    Ohhh! I feel for you! First, know your triggers, lack of sleep? too much caffeine? too little caffeine? change in barometric pressure? and try to avoid them like crazy. If you do feel one coming on, you have to take something ASAP or else, you’ll be in for it. Once I’ve gotten to that point, I have a favorite OTC cocktail of: 3 excedrin, 2 sudafed, and coca cola. Yes, I’ve seen MD’s, and have tried Rx medications in the past. The above is pretty much what works, and when you are so incapacitated by the pain, you’ll do anything to be human again!


    Yenta – Get used to the fact people will be coming to you for info -learn how to research things in Medicine.

    This time I’ll help you. Triptans are the main aborting drugs. There are many preventive drugs.

    I personally use a preventive drug. When I do get a breakthrough headache -I take an Aspirin, Aleve and a Sudafed (both 12 hr. drugs). If that doesn’t work – I take an Advil with a Tyelonol – #3. If that doesn’t work I take Fiorinal with Codeine. I used to take Ergot suppositories.


    health, i’m not registered (yet. iy”H soon) so i should get a free pass anyways.

    i looked on mayoclinic, medscape etc (might try uptodate perhaps) but most of the articles focus on the triptans, BB’s, pain meds etc. most were prescription. very little advice on nonpharm. interventions (sleep, limit activities, heat/cold etc). i’d rather do that than take meds which have more side effects. thats number 1

    and number 2, until i go to the doc i dont have these rx meds in my med closet.

    i dont like aleve. even low dose gives me horrible SE’s. but why sudafed? B”H i have no reason to have tylenol #3 around so that advice doesnt really help. same on the ergot.


    Yenta -“very little advice on nonpharm. interventions “

    Try Mother’s Nature’s website.

    “but why sudafed?”

    Think how the drug works.


    I pulled out my pharm book over Y”T and looked it up.

    Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) is a nasal decongestant that works by vasoconstriction. the thing is, sudafed does not work for me for nasal congestion so whats to say it will work for migraines.


    “NOMTW, nope not stressed. i have my cap and gown hanging in my closet :P”

    ME TOO!

    4 finals to go…


    Hatzlacha on your finals!

    (ps, mines tom!!)


    Yenta -“the thing is, sudafed does not work for me for nasal congestion so whats to say it will work for migraines.”

    One thing has nothing to do with the other. Since you’re taking other vasoconstricters like caffeine, it could do the job. I didn’t say it works like the triptans or the ergots. I just said I use it and it helps me. Some people have to try different triptans to find one that works for them. So the Sudafed could work for some, esp. the 12 or 24 hr ones.

    And also, esp. with the preventive drugs the pt has to do a lot of trial & error.

    Did you go to that Mother’s nature site? I think they mention feverfew as an aborting drug.


    Yenta – I just researched it. They changed Mother’s Nature to a website called “guidetohealth.com”.


    Lots of water!! Sometimes mine get triggered by dehydration. Like 2 liters minimum in a day. Excedrin migraine. Oxycodone. Ice packs. Dark, quiet room for a couple days. Last resort, emergency room.


    Def see a neurologist. You could have a bulging disk in your spine. Cut added sugar out of your diet for a few days. You could be deficient in magnesium and/or B2 (riboflavin), both of which can cause headaches. Flexall or Icy Hot help sometimes too.


    Wishing you the very best of luck! Hope you have pure clarity and a sense of calm when taking your final.


    ive been suffering from migraines for a long time now… everyone suffers from different things… but what i suggest is that u should keep and food diary and see if some foods that u r eating a causing it.. like for me aged cheese is a big trigger… also i no for me that if i dont have my cup of coffee in the morning i get a real big doozy of a migraine…. also like spinning fans r a big trigger for me .. now im on perscription meds from my doc and im also doing botox for my migraines with help a lot… but my migrains r really bad to the point that sometimes i end up in the er to get iv meds cuz nothing else would work…. i no that at the beginging of my migrains years ago i would go into a dark freezing room and go to sleep and that would help make it go away also i no this might sound crazy but forcing urself to throw up also releives the migraine….if u need any more help or info i give the mods permission to give u my email


    Actually meant my grad is today. Today is wwwaaayyyy too hot to be wearing polyester gowns. But I will take the luck. Hope I don’t trip on my way up to get my diploma.


    wanderingchana -“Lots of water!! Sometimes mine get triggered by dehydration. Like 2 liters minimum in a day. Excedrin migraine. Oxycodone. Ice packs. Dark, quiet room for a couple days. Last resort, emergency room.”

    I see you take Narcs. Do you take triptans? If not, why not?

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