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    Now that Trump has managed to say something so offensive that he has effectively negated whatever slim chance he had of winning this election, who else thinks it’s time for Trump to step down and let Mike Pence run against Hillary?

    Republicans in favor of Trump stepping down:

    Sen. Mark S. Kirk of Illinois

    Sen. Mike Lee of Utah

    Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska

    Sen. Michael D. Crapo of Idaho

    Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona

    Sen. John Thune of South Dakota

    Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska

    Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska

    Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado

    Rep. Barbara Comstock of Virginia

    Rep. Joe Heck of Nevada

    Rep. Bradley Byrne of Alabama

    Rep. Martha Roby of Alabama

    Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado

    Rep. Rodney Davis of Illinois

    Rep. Ann Wagner of Missouri

    Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan

    Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska

    Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan

    Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire

    Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah

    Rep. Mia Love of Utah

    Rep. Cresent Hardy of Nevada

    Rep. Erik Paulsen of Minnesota

    Rep. Steve Knight of California

    Rep. Tom Rooney of Florida

    Mr. mw13 of the CR


    Trump never had a chance to win. He also will not withdraw. And there’s no legal mechanism to force him out.


    Any Republican chosen by the Republican National Committee would lose the support of the “deplorables” (previously referred to as “Reagan Democrats”, i.e. working class whites). None of the Republicans acceptable to the Country Club Republicans would be tolerable to the Trump supporters. To unite all Republican factions would require a socially conservative tea partier who wants to build walls and persecute non-Anglo-Saxons, and there ain’t such a critter.

    If a Republican wants someone with traditional small government, pro-capitalism principles, they should support Gary Johnson. However Johnson’s strategy was to carry a few states and hope for a close enough election that it has to be decided by the House of Representatives (first time in almost 200 years) and to win as everyone’s second choice – but a Trump “blow out” prevents that.


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    Mr. Trump go home

    Enough is enough!



    Folks don’t forget that even though Trump has a big mouth and is a jerk, that’s alot better than being evil, as Hillary is! She is rotten to the core, and will be bad for America, Israel, the Jews, and the world! So he’s a jerk! Big deal!! No one is perfect, and he certainly is not. But you have to weigh the pros and cons. She just doesn’t cut it at all!!!!!


    Even if Trump withdraws or is forced out by the RNC, there’s a logistical problem: early voting has already started in some states.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    so you are bothered that 11 years ago Trump was bragging about behavior that the clinton’s perfected at home and in the white house.

    Got it.


    mw13, what brings you to the Holy Land?

    Geordie, why is Mr. Glick’s opinion on this any more interesting than any other expat?


    YY: That isn’t such a problem since voters aren’t voting for President anyways, despite popular misconception that they’re voting for the candidate. Voters are only voting for a state slate of delegates for the electoral college. The electoral college electors can vote for any candidate of their choice. And previously a major candidate for US Vice President died in October, and his name remained on the ballot. His electoral college slate voted for his parties replacement candidate for Vice President.


    I am not sure if its even legal for Pence to run. Most states already have their ballots set and the deadlines set. You arent allowed to change them


    Too late for replacing Trump on the ballots in most states. Early and absentee ballot voting has begun.

    The Republicans picked a charlatan and now are suffering for their poor choice. Better the party members should suffer than the whole country if G-d Forbid this disgusting pig won the election.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    so you are bothered that 11 years ago Trump was bragging about behavior that the clinton’s perfected at home and in the white house.

    1) We should be bothered by all of it.

    2) It wasn’t “The Clintons”, it was Bill, and he is not running for president.

    3) Bill didn’t brag about it, in fact he got in trouble for denying it.


    Hillary is an extension of Bill. And Hillary loudly protected Bill from his sins and she denounced Bill’s victims for speaking up.

    CTL & ZD: see my previous comment.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    CTLAWYER – why someone hates trump is no mystery, but how someone of your caliber can support hilary, think she deserves support, and even be so oblivious to who she really is is beyond me. astounds me every time I read your posts.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Hillary is Hillary. She’s bad enough on her own, but she’s not Bill or an extension of Bill.


    In the beginning I was convinced that Trump was working for Hillary. As he rose in the polls, I thought maybe not – maybe he is his own man. Not that it seems that he is attacking her a lot less, and more well orchestrated “surprises” are coming out against him, I am starting to think again that he is working for her. They made it look like he had a chance. Trump is a master salesman. He knows what to say and when to say it to make a deal. He said stupid things at the debate IMO that he knew he shouldn’t have.

    BTW, the Clinton’s have done this before in 1992. Bush, Ross Perot and Clinton were in a 3 way tie. Perot pulled out of the race right before the Democrat convention. Clinton spoke very well, like usual. About half of Perot’s supporters went to Clinton. None went to Bush. A few years later, the federal government bought about a billion dollars worth of junk land in Texas, which “happened” to owned by a Mr. H. Ross Perot.


    Of course she’s an extension of Bill. 1) She’s his wife. 2) Her being in politics is a direct result of his presidency and her relationship with him. 3) She’s always been his most ardent supporter and has viciously attacked her husband’s victims from his immorality.


    Johnson-Weld are good Republicans running as Libertarians, and they are on the ballot in all states.


    go trump!

    crooked hillary – i dont want hillary shes a murder.


    A crime isn’t eligible to be president.


    Sparkly -“crooked hillary – i dont want hillary shes a murder”

    Not directly! I posted this in the topic about Putin:

    “But the investigators never found any evidence that the Clintons killed Vince Foster.”

    “She did not kill him directly, but she caused his death!

    Why do DemonCrats distort the truth and protect their Avodah Zora – the Clintons?!?

    Do you really want such a person as our president?!?”



    My post here is about the mechanical impossibility to remove and replace Trump on the ballots in 50 states plus territories and DC.

    I also gave a shteck to the Republicans who nominated him.

    My support of Secy Clinton is as the best choice of a candidate who can win the election…the choice is really only Clinton or Trump. The 3rd and 4th party candidates don’t have a chance.

    BTW>>>>>>>>if you have read my posts this past year, I have made it clear that I personally know the Clintons since they were law students at Yale more than 4 decades ago.

    I admit to being socially Liberal. I don’t live in a self imposed Ghetto. I live in the real America with people of all backgrounds. I don’t want school vouchers taking tax dollars to pay religious schools that do not provide basic education (math, English) requisite for graduating students to earn a living and not live on the public dole.

    I would never want my daughters or granddaughters to have abortions, but that doesn’t mean I want laws requiring victims of rape or incest to bear unwanted children. The choice belongs to the people involved, not Congress. I’m old enough to remember the wealthy flying to San Juan for a weekend abortion, while the poor had the illegal/unsafe back alley abortions. Prior to Griswold v. CT a doctor could not prescribe birth control in Connecticut. How many of us have heard of or know frum women who are on Birth Control approved by their Rabbi and doctor for reasons of mental stability, not just convenience.

    I don’t approve of the death penalty…3 words sum it up: Sacco and Venzetti. You can’t undo a wrongful execution. This doesn’t mean I don’t approve of ‘hard labor’ in prisons that should not be all about prisoner comfort. Prison is for punishment.

    To sum it up: this year I prefer a very intelligent lady, who has served as a child and woman’s advocate, Senator and Secretary of State (whose husband cheated on her) to a charlatan businessman who has been married three times, committed adultery on the first two wives, has declared bankruptcy multiple times, stiffed workers and suppliers…and until it was convenient espoused the same liberal ideals as Secretary Clinton.

    To be perfectly honest, in our current election system, if it requires 100 Million dollars in expenditures to win a $400,000 position the winner will owe payback and favors to many people.


    CTL: Sacco and Venzetti were guilty. There’s been no known case of any innocent bring executed. Even the anarchist leader of theirs admitted their guilt, as the court convicted them. (Published in National Review in 1961.) And even their murderous defenders admitted they were involved in the bombing and only claimed they were “only” accomplices to murder, only denying they pulled the trigger.

    And you can oppose abortion with exceptions for certain situations, as most pro-lifers do.

    And as stated, the name on the ballot doesn’t need to change for the electors to vote for a new nominee.


    CTlawyer -“The choice belongs to the people involved, not Congress.”

    Unfortunately for you the Torah disagrees!

    When did you become assimilated – when you went to Yale with the libs like the Clintons?!?

    The Goyim only have 7 Mitzvahs! And one is killing, including fetuses.

    (That means babies in the mother’s abdomen!)

    Another one is making laws of the other 6 punishable by death!


    100% Agree with Health

    Said this already a couple months ago



    Everything you said regarding the election has some merit.EXcept it is much more the an election.

    The president elect will nominate Scotus for generations.

    Plus , a Hillary win will make everything from Obama irrevocable


    Abortion is only one of the dangers


    Adam Garfinkle, editor of The American Interest


    “I admit to being socially Liberal. I don’t live in a self imposed Ghetto. I live in the real America with people of all backgrounds.”?!

    So you you admit that your religion is nothing more than your kitchen and maybe your synagogue ?!

    which denomination do really you practice?!

    What will happen [and it already is]when people switch gender and choose to switch to the other side of the mechitzah?



    Lord Jakubowitz a”h stated there were four philosophy based revolutions in

    in the past several centuries

    1.The British Puritan Civil War 1640s

    (and a continuation)

    2.The american

    3. The french

    (and a continuation)

    4.The russian

    The first two were based on the bible ,and though there was bloodshed,brought greater human dignity and progress .

    The latter two were based on other sources and and have brought ……..


    “100% Agree with Health

    Said this already a couple months ago”

    that they should switch Top of Ticket


    BTW – This is the YESHIVA World news coffee room – I’m sure there are many social liberal chat rooms that promote the rhetoric spewed here. I have friends who met with Clintons – they unsuccessfully petitoned them for the release of Pollard – you may like the Clinton’s but they sure don’t like you (if you’re Jewish).



    The Electoral College system varies by state. If you vote Trump in CT you are vote for a slate of electors pledged to vote for Trump and his running mate. You are not voting for electors who are free to cast their ballots in December for another person.

    In some states the delegates to the Electoral College are free to change their votes, but it is very rare that it happens.

    As for a replacement VP candidate, it is not the same matter. No one votes for VP or the electors for VP, the Vote is for a particular Presidential candidate and his/her running mate. One can’t vote R for Pres and D for VP.



    Any elector from any state can vote for whoever he wishes (even someone who didn’t run for office) for president and vice president even if his state regulations/laws say otherwise. This point is clearly enumerated in the federal Constitution, which overrides state rules on the matter. And there have been electors who voted against what their state rules permit, and they faced no consequence.

    And the electoral college votes for both president and vice president. Any elector can split his vote however he wishes, and vote for the Republican candidate for president and the Green party candidate for vice president.



    What about their threatening of the COR and the STAR K to certify “events”?

    What about the public muzzling and destroying of any celebrity who even vaguely slightly insinuates that they might like traditional values?

    The CEO. of Mozilla was forced to step down,because he had supported prop 8?!

    What about their forcing curriculum changes on countless many states?

    Presumably you heard about the bakery in Oregon that is was fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a lesbian ‘event

    Then gofundme shut down the crowdfunding, and demanded the bakery pay it themselves?!



    Putting aside the concept of Ohr lagoyim?

    Are you so deluged by the zeitgeist?!

    what about

    the abandonment our role as descendants of Avraham Avinu who taught all the people of the world and preferring to follow the role of Lot ?

    Should we file Chap 11 on our national mission?

    cf. Seforno Genesis 6:8


    It is difficult to say this, but perhaps the first seedlings of the recession of the benevolent American experience are being seen. We have been seeing small signs in many areas.


    What they would ultimately like to do is bring the assault into the kodesh and the kodesh hakodoshim of our society. Soon, any schools that seek government funding and diplomas for their students will be forced to teach about all kinds of abominations as if they are just another alternative and an equally legitimate way of living.

    What is transpiring may be a transition from the best golus experience the Jewish nation has had since the churban to a more classic mode of golus where, as frum Jews, we somehow walked between the raindrops of hostility, avoiding the pitfalls with a combination of shrewdness and shtadlanus.

    It would appear that these kinds of outside government interventions in our education and other areas of life will increase and become more pervasive. We, as a community, must therefore fortify ourselves and prepare for the ensuing legal battles and to eventually make the sacrifices to be able to live as Yidden according to our Torah, even if the battles are lost.


    Joseph, the deplorables won’t cotton to the electors switching their votes. In a new poll, 8% said the lewd tape made them feel MORE favorable towards Trump — I guess he’s locked up the predator vote.

    Polls are showing that Clinton beats Pence by a larger margin than she beats Trump.


    A elector who votes for someone besides whom the state voted for is called a Faithless elector.

    In about half the states its legal to be a faithless elector and the other half its not. Faithless electors are allowed in NY but not allowed in Florida or California. if you are a faithless elector in those states there is a punishment



    I quoted Yehuda Glick because the ???? at the end, sums it up beautifully!


    ZD, the federal Constitution, in its provisions enacting presidential elections, clearly permits what is described as “faithless electors”, and that permissibility overrides any state regulations against it. And there have been faithless electors from states that it is against their laws without consequence to the elector.



    C’mon ,the polls are always like that

    If the candidate would switch ,so will the polls

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