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    It seems like it is going on now

    Pashuteh Yid

    There is a medrash that says it’ll be Kilobear vs. RuffRuff.


    It seems like it is going on now

    For some reason, I hear the same thing every time there’s any trouble or strife somewhere in the world (which is always). I wouldn’t be surprised if people thought that back in 1917 as well.

    IOW, don’t worry about figuring out if the current strife is MGuM. When it gets here, you’ll know it.

    (Yeah, I know that there will be some who will call me a non-believing chutzpanik for saying such a thing. I don’t care.)

    The Wolf


    Y’know what occured to me the other day? The situation in Egypt reminds me of Migdal Bavel.

    Lots of people, different agendas, but all speaking the same language. Never a good sign for us when the opposing team is working on the same page. Once they hammer out their differences, they may very well turn their attention to us. Attention we do not need.

    Yeah, we need some heavenly intervention real soon.


    I think I heard on a tape once that MILCHEMES GOG U’MAGOG is also the kind of personal tzores going on in all homes today;Sholom bayis,OTD,illness r”l….”ein bayis she’ayn shom meis”(did I quote that right?)



    y do have to bring in yiddish machlokes? u think that hashem is happy about it? u r just being mekatreg. not that i think it’s right, but y talk about it?



    As always, it is all up to US!

    I don’t know how old you are, but I remember very well May and the first few days of June of 1967.

    The TV news showed tens of thousands (at least) of Egyptians out in the streets of cairo shaking their fists, screaming “Kill the Jews! Throw the Jews into the sea!”

    This, while (then) President Nasser of Egypt blocked the Gulf of Aqaba, closing Israel’s port of Eilat to shipping, and move ONE THOUSAND tanks into the Sinai Peninsula on to Israel’s south western border. Israel was outmanned and outgunned like 50 to 1.

    It was very scary.

    And then k’heref ayin, in the blink of an eye, HaSh-m worked nissim and nifla’ot, and in just SIX days (really most of it occurred in the first ONE or two days!) Egypt was defeated, along with Syria and Jordan (and the other yishmaeli savages who helped them) and the Golan was in Jewish hands, Yehuda and Shomron (i.e. Hevron, BeitLechem, etc.) were in Jewish hands, and of course ALL of Yerushalayim -for the first time in 2,000 years – was in Jewish hands! It was a very amazing time to be alive.

    The bottom line, -we do not have to fear.

    Lo ba’rechev, v’lo ba’sooseem…

    We have only to get closer to HKB”H!

    HaSh-m HU HaE-lokim – Ain Ohd Milvado!


    its been going on for 60 years@@ !!! or more…its just getting worse!!!


    Chevlei Moshiach and the Milchemes Gog and Magog are not the same thing. The first is the state of despair the world is in before his coming. The second is the nations of the world rebelling against Hashem and His Moshiach.


    There are specific predictions about the Milchemes Gog u’Magog. You can not try to stick everything and anything under this



    Asher ein shom meys


    Ain oid –

    In 1967, I was in diapers.

    But I do remember the Gulf War, and how touch-and-go it was.

    No, I’m not worried about the long-term, just the fallout and “collateral damage” of the short term.

    ha ha ha ha

    well some say that melchemes gog.. will take a few seconds that couldn’t have been understould before a few years ago when there was no such a thing as nuchlear weapons….

    we just have to remember who really is in charge and remember that.


    There is a nevua in zecharya that describes the days before the coming of mashiach as a time when the sun will be blotted out and peoples flesh will melt off there bones while still alive. It sounds eerily like nuclear and biological warfare. Read it inside.

    Ctrl Alt Del

    There is a fascinating write up of gog and magog on wikipedia. Worth a look.


    I think it says somewhere that in the times of Moshiach Ishmael will rule over the world. I think that’s what’s happening now with the Islamist terrorists who now seem to have the upper hand.


    observanteen: you should be very careful about believing detailed predictions about the future that come from anywhere but navi itself. Often people execute what is called the Texas sharpshooter fallacy which is the technical term for the famous mashol of the Dubno magid about the archer who paints the targets around his arrows. People take suitably vague sayings — a particular favorite is Nostradamus, or in frum circles the “bible codes” — and when something happens they drey it around to “prove” that this was all predicted a long time ago. They often also try to prove by the same methods that you should give them money.


    Milchmes gog umagog some say it has happened some say it hasn’t nobody really knows


    How do you know what people know or don’t know?

    ☕️coffee addict


    there is a book out called “the ishmalite exile” about whats happening (or supposed to happen)

    lamud vov tzadik

    There is also a book about called chevlei moshiach bizmanainu which offers a good outlook on the war of gog umagog

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