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    I am very interested in attending Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim after high school (no Beis Medrash, etc.). Is this unheard of?
    Would they accept me?
    (I really want to accomplish in learning and think that such a great makom torah could really help.)


    You need to be very sociable to do well in the Mir right after HS. Most people are coming in with a group of people and arrange chavrusas among each other.


    It’s not unheard of. Nowadays it’s extremely difficult to get accepted first year. Mir bochurim don’t get into the dorm right away so you’ll need to find a Dira. You have to make sure you’re going to be in a dira where guys are solid guys.


    I am in Mesivta and post mesivta chinuch for nearly 40 years and still very very active and involved. I think it would be a terrible mistake. An 18 year old bochur needs something different than a 20 and 21 year old. The enticements of the freedom , stores, trips etc…. are way too tempting and intoxicating for a HS graduate. It is probably even too much for a 20 yr old!! Mir is not set up for 18yr old Americans. O to a smaller, more involved place whe you can have a personal kesher with a Rebbi, Mashgiach, contained chevra, designed environment and work hard in learning, davening, mussar, hashkofo and halacha so you can be ready and empowered for the looser environment of Mir when you are a bit older.


    Do you know of a place like that? In Eretz Yisroel? With a very high level of learning?


    There are many ion Eretz Yisroel. Many in USA as well. one cannot advise without knowing the bochur- his history, affiliations, strengths, areas which need strengthening, his learning ability in various skill sets, his Yiras Shomayim, his hasmodoh and ability to learn retzufim, his need for breaks or relaxation. Thee are many factors which go into advising a bochur. There is no pre cut die which spits out recommendations.

    yuda the maccabi

    my Rosh Kollel once said that when young avrech comes to get accepted he asks them where they learned in yeshiva if they answer in the Mir he asks them but where did you learn
    because in the Mir if you want you can learn but you also can do anything else you want with no real hadracha unless you yourself seek it
    this not to say that a bachur cant grow in the Mir I know quite a few chashuva avreichim that started out in the Mir
    about other yeshivas the rabbeim in your HS should be able to help you choose the Yeshiva that is best for you or the Rav of your shul

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