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    Misaskim is calling upon acheinu klal yisroel for urgent help in covering the costs for kvurah for an unprecedented amount of meisei mitzvah.

    The head of the family, who is the next of kin, was suddenly faced with the daunting costs of three funerals. The costs of three Jewish burials were well beyond his means. He opted for the much cheaper option of cremation for all three niftarim and remained adamant with his decision. Misaskim volunteers spent hours explaining, begging, and convincing him to reconsider. An agreement was finally negotiated in which Misaskim assumed responsibility for the entire kvurah al pi halacha.

    Misaskim did not hesitate much when the agreement was reached and arranged for three complete burials, including an undertaker, plots, graves and three different funeral homes. Total cost: $16,000.00.

    Now Misaskim is urging the community to contribute generously towards this awesome mitzvah. The costs are overwhelming. While cremation would have cost less than $5000.00 for all three niftarim, this sum does not even equate to the cost of bringing even one niftar to kever yisroel.




    Am I not following the story correctly? I count two cases. Where is the third?


    son, then mother from shock. they tried to reach the aunt, who was unfortunately found niftar in her apartment. i took me a few times to get it too.

    thank you misaskim for all you do.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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