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    What’s your opinion regarding “mishloach manos cards” being given instead of regular mishloach manos?

    Be Happy

    We cannot do the mitzva with cards.

    We also have to consider if the person we give a card to, would/could have benefitted from getting mishloach monos.

    I don’t like when I hear someone say” I am not bothering with mishloach monos this year I am just giving out cards!”



    So what does the card accomplish, nothing but antagonism and ill feeling. If you want to give Tzedaka, go ahead, but not this way.


    estherh- I don’t think anyone actually uses the cards in lieu of the mitzvah. The mitzvah is to give 2 prepared food items to 1 person. Once you’ve been yotzei by giving to 1 person, why not give cards to the others on your list?

    A lot of people can’t really afford more than the basics these days and by giving someone a card, you cut out that awkwardness that comes with not giving to someone who gave to you or otherwise expects something from you. Also, I don’t know about everyone else, but the LAST thing I need is 87 baskets full of chometzdik treats a month before Pesach…


    Nobody wants to get cards besides relatives living far away. Just give delicious nosh and candy and your in the zone


    I am happy to receive cards from people who are of some distance and from friends and acquaintances that are really not part of the inner circle. i prefer that they spend their money on tzaddakah than on candy I will give away or throw out.

    On the other hand, close family members and close friends show some hakaros hatov to one and other when they offer their shalach manos (a special something) once a year. But it should really be spoken about in shuls and in yeshivas about not getting too carried away either with their shaloch manos or with their list. It isn’t necessary to look for more people to include as you meet more each year. Shuls do a one for all shalach manos which works well, and if you don’t wish to do that, Rabbanim these days should speak about the financial strain people are under so if you are cut from someone’s list don’t be insulted be understanding. I unfortunately am not in a position to make my own Shelach Manos so I purchase from Keren Aniyim and it gets very costly but I keep telling my husband it is tzedaka so stop freaking out we are doing two mitzvos at once.


    I also bought from Keren Aniyim for the first time this year, their prices are so reasonable I don’t think I could make a shaloch manos for that price. I love getting cards I wish everyone would give us cards, I could do without all the laffy taffies and winkies, such a waste of money. The only one who benefits from all the candy and junk is the dentist!


    People have a chiyuv to give shalach manos to someone. That does not mean they have to give it to 50 someones. They are yotzai the mitzvah ish l’rayahu, by giving two items that are ready to eat as is. The cards really are more in keeping with matanos l’evyonim than mishloach manos, as they go to tzedaka. So the question is, are they yotzai on the matanos l’evyonim with these cards, or must they physically give tzedaka besides that to two poor people?


    The cards are nice for people who you are not going to give to anyway or ppl who wouldn’t have a use for your shalach manot. For example if you are giving someone on a special diet or a diabetic than a card is much more appreciated than food they cant eat. But, I always think it is nice to give back to someone who comes to bring to you. If someone spends a lot of $ bringing you a nice shalach manot and you give them a card which costs $1 it can be a little insulting. Also, because ppl can give cards to 500 ppl it does insinuate (as a pp said) that you are not of their closer friends.

    On the other, the situation has gotten so out of hand where so much is expected and ppl are expecting from all their friends and acquaitances in the city.

    Giving simpler shalach manot is often one solution. You dont need to spend 10$ on each. Just something cute to spread friendship and say I was thinking about you.

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