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    i go to camp sternberg (this summer will be my 4th iy”H), and the only problem is that i miss it so much. i think about it all the time, and neglect doing things i should be focusing on now – i just think about the past/future. does anyone have suggestion?


    try to allow yourself to think of camp something like only 15 minutes a day. After the 15 minutes, when the thoughts come again, tell it to go away it can come back tomorrow at the allotted time.

    Good luck!


    i feel for you!!! i am going to a camp for my 5 year i”yh!! i find myself already thinking what i will be packing! heres what i do when i get really really camp sick and cant stop thinking about it

    I sit down and say i will only call a friend from camp after all my homework is done, then i really feel a need to do what is needed, then i get to call a friend with wish we remember camp and i dont feel so bad anymore until about a week later lol! then again! good luck:)

    Shopping613 🌠

    I bet I miss camp more, ive gone for 2 years and for various reasons cannot go back, at least you guys can!


    Camp is vacation/fun//sports/games/extracurricular talents… def. has its place.

    So you spend lots of time in real life dreaming ’bout that time –

    Reality check, my friend.


    Ahhhh, the old days, when all I had to worry about was homework and camp.


    Why are you guys so obssesed about camps this shows you guys are going to the wrong summer camp. If you are thinking about camp the whole year something is wrong. Camp is for relaxation if it disrupts your year there then it is not the right camp for you. I have nothing against Camp Sternberg but you are obviously not cut out for this camp. I suggest you switch to a camp where you will not enjoy yourself so much, so that you will not be so campsick. Even if you are homesick, that is only for 2 months, while being campsick is for 10. Talk to your parents, it is good advice and has worked many times before.


    hockoftherock- I believe you are actually looking at it at the wrong angle! I am speaking for mysled here i dont know about sternberger but i know one of the smaller reasons i miss camp so much is because i have problems here at home! I miss camp because i get to be me a new chance with diffrent people! If someone misses a camp so much it means it is great for them because they dont despise it and go aroung bad mouthing it, blaming their problems on it!!


    hockoftherock, that may be one of the most ridiculous comments ive ever seen posted on here. Saying that people should intentionally go to a place where they wont enjoy it as much, just so that they dont miss camp during the year? ridiculous…


    hockoftherock is hockster613


    May this be your only dilemma.

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