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    Is it true that if one forgets to light their candles, from then on they have to light an extra candle for the rest of their life? I heard you can just buy candles that last longer instead?? Any ideas-it’s so public to always have to light an extra candle…


    First of all, that’s the idea – you are now reminded to be careful to light. BTW, that seems to be the source for adding a light for each child – since the kimpiturin was not supposed to get out of bed, she couldn’t light…

    secondly, on yom tov you can light anytime through the evening. Our minhag, in fact, is to light right before kiddush so that the shehecheyanu applies to the lecht as well and the wife can answer amen to it without it being a hefesek for her for kiddush.

    bottom line – ASK A SHAILA, NOT YW COFFEEROOM!


    This only applies to Shabbos, since there is no issur to lighting candles on Yom Tov as long as you take a fire from an existing fire.


    You don’t have to say why you light an extra candle. Many people light extra candles and say that they took upon themselves this Kabbalah to light extra candles for a personal reason.


    That usually applies to Shabbos, because if you forgot to light, you cannot light again until after Shabbos. On yom tov, you could have lit at any time when you remembered that night. Surely someone would have reminded you at kiddush time. As far as the extra candle is concerned, many people light an extra candle in zechus of something. You don’t have to say why. I had a different problem. I lit my candles and within five minutes or so of Shabbos, they went out. I was told just to relight them after Shabbos. As you can imagine I was very upset that this happened.


    unknown: Yes, I’m fairly sure that you hav to light an extra candle from now on. However, as was pointed out above, all halacha li’maseh shailos should be asked to you LOR.


    the constant reminder ensures that you never forget again–not too quickly anyway.from experience…


    You need not light an extra candle. One fulfills the mitzvah upon lighting one single candle. All extra candles for any reason are based on minhag only.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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