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    Yechi Hamelech

    Just yesterday, a white female officer fatally shot Daunte Wright after the latter attempted to drive off in the midst of an arrest (video is available on internet). The officer is on administrative leave and the city of Brooklyn center Minneapolis is up in flames. The incident happened 15 miles away from where George Floyd was murdered roughly a year ago

    The officer mistook her gun for a taser!!
    Now just to be clear, tasers have a yellow handle whereas the firearms police are normally equipped with have a black one. This was not a racist incident (in my humble opinion) as the officer can be heard shouting “taser! taser!” indicating that she actually thought her gun was a taser (!) and after realizing her fatal mistake, she blurts out an expletive upon realizing the deadly import of her actions. So, it was probably a mistake

    What I’m wondering is what was this officer thinking? She seems to have lost her senses in the video, when you hear her shouting like a maniac while her male colleagues are totally chilled.
    Obviously, as an officer it is imperative that you keep you emotions under control when dealing with such situations, yet she clearly has lost. Yes, I know that ladies are generally more emotional then men, but if so then maybe, just maybe, they shouldn’t be cops. Or at least they shouldn’t be responding to dangerous situations like these ones, in which case she literally thought black-colored gun-looking gun-feeling, well…. gun, was a TASER!!



    Yechi: As far as the mistake, it isn’t uncommon. There are more than a handful of previous cases of officers mistakenly using their gun when they intended to use their Taser.

    As far as why she being all agitated while the male officers were chilled, as you suggested women shouldn’t be police officers.

    And as far as the underlying situation itself, the greatest responsibility for this tragedy lies with Wright himself for resisting arrest, shoving the officer and attempting to flee by speeding off.


    the grip is relevant, the color is not relevant when an officer is appropriately looking at the person trying to drive away from being arrested.

    maybe the gun needs a speech-recognition module that does not shoot when the officer is shouting “taser”



    America is a nation of laws.

    According to you, there is no need for any excuse of mistaking a gun for a taser.
    The police could have said the truth that they murdered him because he was running away.

    This will become one of Trump’s 2024 slogan’s. “Police can kill anybody resisting arrest.” “MAGA”

    Welcome to the police state of the trump republican’s.

    Meanwhile , people who actually attacked the capitol and killed policemen are just a bunch of patriots who never would have thought of doing any harm.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Oh goody! We’ve circled back to Trump!

    The little I know


    Your efforts to push the liberal narrative are sickening. I will never buy it, and most others around read you clearly. So sad that someone articulate stoops to these lows.

    I actually favor the immediate lethal force against any form of violent crime, if apprehended during the act. This is akin to the posuk of “bo bemachteres” that has forfeited his life, and no charges of murder can be levied against the one that eliminates him. However, American law has no such immunity, so I cannot advocate it. As for the rioters at the Capitol, they should all be arrested, tried and convicted, and locked up. No excuses for violence. Evil can exist in any political party.

    Resisting arrest should be legally addressed with lethal force. That’s not a police state. It simply states that we will not coddle and support criminals, as liberals will do.


    Jack, when a criminal shoves a police officer and flees from him in a motor vehicle, he bears the most responsibility if the officer makes a mistake when reacting to enforce the law and prevent him fleeing. The law specifically gives police officers, who are risking their lives, extra leeway in case they make a mistake when enforcing the law.


    Things happen in pressure situations. Why was he under arrest?


    Jackk, your take is typical liberal insanity, siding with the violent criminals, and hating on police officers, who risk their lives to protect the country. No ones suggesting its totally ok for an officer to mix up a taser for a gun, with nothing being done about it. The cop was focused on the criminal who suddenly made a move to enter his car (which might in itself be grounds for getting shot-intentionally- as there may be a weapon in the car). I don’t know personally (as I don’t own either weapon) how easy it is to mix up the two, but clearly the mistake has everything to do with some level of incompetence, and absolutely nothing to do with racisms. Of course the democrats, who love to stoke division, will pretend otherwise.


    Things happen in pressure situations. Why was he under arrest?

    “Authorities said the car was pulled over for having an expired registration and after determining the driver had an outstanding warrant, police said they tried to arrest him. The driver then re-entered the vehicle, and an officer fired, striking him, police said. The vehicle traveled several blocks before striking another vehicle. … Court records show Wright was being sought after failing to appear in court on charges that he fled from officers and possessed a gun without a permit during an encounter with Minneapolis police in June. In that case, a statement of probable cause said police got a call about a man waving a gun who was later identified as Wright.”
    (source: foxnews dot com)

    ☕️coffee addict

    I echo syag,

    And jackk if you want to know what the Democrats slogan will be it’s KAS (just in case you can’t figure it out it stands for keep America socialist

    In 4 months we’ve had

    The cancellation of 6 dr Seuss books
    The all star game moving out of Atlanta because Biden said so
    A mass flood of migrants to the border (two terrorists were caught how many went through we don’t know, and the VP who’s supposed to be overseeing it has been awol from the boarder)

    There are more but this is what you wanted?

    Give me a break! Or as joe would say “cmon man!”

    Oh and while I’m at it why hasn’t ha made a state of the union address (and don’t tell me covid because the house has been in session they’ve all been vaccinated for months already, or at least should have been)



    It is crazy anti-liberalism run wild that will have people defending the cop every single time that a cop kills an American Citizen.
    I can’t fathom their hatred for their fellow Americans, for the rule of law and also for the Torah idea that every citizen is a Tzelem Elokim.

    It is insanity to say that I side with the violent criminals and hate cops.

    I side with the rule of “law and order”. For the sake of Syag, insert a Trump joke here. (Even though Syag and I have a little history of bad vibes which I am sorry about, I mean this to be humorous and I enjoyed her calling me out on adding trump to this topic which has nothing to do with him.)

    This circles back to the hypocrisy of the Conservative Christians who say they are pro life (and Jews who post “how can a Jew ever vote for a candidate who wants the government to stay out of abortions”) but once the person is alive, have no problem with a cop killing them. It is twisted logic that says that the cop never needs a real defense.


    Officers have no leeway to kill people. Show me the law that you are referring to. It does not exist.
    The only leeway that officers have is when a jury fails to convict them because people believe like you – that officers should never be held responsible for bad decisions that kill people.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    😁 Thank you so much for receiving it with the humorous tone I used when writing it!


    38,000 gun deaths in a year in the US: Who needs gun control?

    2 cases of voter fraud in 2020: Let’s pass 253 new voter suppression laws.


    Jack, under the law when an officer mistakenly and unintentionally kills a criminal attempting to flee justice (especially with the added factors of assaulting an officer and having an outstanding warrant for arrest), he is granted more justification by the law itself in being absolved than a general citizen. And rightly so.


    YH -“The officer mistook her gun for a taser!!”

    I agree with the Perp’s father – he said he don’t believe that she didn’t know.
    She’s a cop for 26 years.

    So why did she lie & resign?
    Simply, because a few blocks away the Muslim Minnesota AG is prosecuting a Cop for doing his job – by arresting and doing an accidental killing of a black man.
    In the Lib minds – it’s better to leave the Black Man alone.
    Who cares if he’s paying with Rubber money and will drive under the influence (which we now know is drugs)?!?

    ☕️coffee addict

    “38,000 gun deaths in a year in the US: Who needs gun control?”

    More than 100,000 fatalities via car crashes, ban cars too!


    Oh Jackk, -“America is a nation of laws.
    Meanwhile , people who actually attacked the capitol and killed policemen are just a bunch of patriots who never would have thought of doing any harm.”

    Hey Jackk – Did you ever hear of something called the Constitution?!?
    If you didn’t, I’ll tell you one part – All laws have to be applied equally.
    So while the Looney Left is still Salivating about Jan. 6, what happened all last year?!?
    If you forgot, the Looney Leftists rioted all last year.
    How many were prosecuted for Attacking Federal Buildings?!?
    And Btw, that’s what the Capitol is!
    If you’re claiming that there was Sedition – you have to prove that.
    Just like the Government would have to prove that with the Rioters in Oregon!


    Jackk, qbw, your posts’ are complete gaslighting, no, it’s not hypocrisy to say every life is precious, yet be fine with a violent criminal, resisting arrest, and actually putting the officer’s life at risk, be shot-especially considering it was a mistake. Why don’t you debate the facts, like I did, instead of attacking “crazy anti-liberalism”? Qbw, according to the cdc, guns are used between 500,000-3million(!) times a year, in defense. And either way, criminals will get their hands on a gun, legal or not. So if you want to debate these factors, we can, but to claim conservatives don’t care about lives of they don’t support gun control, is utter stupidity.


    Jewish judges have to take care to receive and analyze facts properly. Same applies whenever we make a judgment about people. In this case, additional information is interesting: the person was wanted for previously fleeing from the arrest and potentially having an illegal weapon. Presuming the cop processed this information, she would be on edge already.

    Another issue – if a cop did not behave properly, is it relevant that the other person was behaving illegally/dangerously? shouldn’t the cop behave correctly anyway? I think it matters when we try to understand the big picture. If in most cases of misconduct, the other person is doing something dangerous/illegal – it means that the cops are really not misbehaving on their own, only in difficult circumstances. Then, parents should stop telling children that it is dangerous to be “driving while black”, only that if you are black, it is too dangerous to be doing anything illegal.


    Watcvhed the video. Unbelievable how cops are laxed in their cuffing procedure – of the guy wo has a record of running away and possibly kept an illegal gun for a year already. The only explanation is that for them it is a routine situation.


    More details:
    “Daunte Wright, the 20-year-old Black man shot by a police officer in a Minneapolis suburb Sunday afternoon, had an open warrant for his arrest related to an aggravated armed robbery attempt when he was killed, according to court records.”
    (source: foxnews.com)


    What an intelligent comment…

    Because this apparently needs explaining:
    With cars, the benefits are obvious and far outweigh their risks.

    With guns though, their primary purpose is to be used to defend oneself from other people with guns. Hence why gun control may be the solution. You know, like most developed countries.

    Oh and motor related deaths are around 36,000 a year.


    It’s a fake video, the fbi created fake footage or edited the real footage, idk but it’s impossible to mistake a yellow short handled taser for a long handled black bigger pistol.
    My guess is that the fbi are trying to avoid more protests like the George Floyd ones


    yt, what are your thoughts on ufo’s, i love your conspiracy theories! The two weapons are not that different in size, and remember, the officer, who was probably freaked for her life at that point, had about 1.5 seconds to pull her taser/gun. If the fbi, or any government institution wanted to avoid riots, they’d stop pretending this had anything to do with racism.


    Do isn’t -“Daunte Wright, the 20-year-old Black man shot by a police officer in a Minneapolis suburb Sunday afternoon, had an open warrant for his arrest related to an aggravated armed robbery attempt when he was killed, according to court records.””

    Don’t worry – Justice will be served!
    The Muslim Minn. AG (the good friend of Minister Farahkan) has charged the lady Cop with 2nd degree Murder.
    I wonder if any of his Bros were arrested for all the Rioting Last year?!?

    Hopefully the lawyers on her defense team know Law better than her.
    What I would say – she shot him on purpose (No taser) because he’s has a weapon – the car. This is a good defense, especially when cops are trying to arrest him. They shoot many criminals in cars when they are pursuing them.
    No weapon needed, just the perp has to know that they are trying to arrest him!

    ☕️coffee addict

    “With guns though, their primary purpose is to be used to defend oneself from other people with guns. Hence why gun control may be the solution. You know, like most developed countries.“

    The reason that gun control works in other countries is because they don’t have a constitution that allows gun ownership


    “The reason that gun control works in other countries is because they don’t have a constitution that allows gun ownership”

    1) Neither do we , at least not until it was reinterpreted in Heller. We can always just interpret it as it was originally understood for the first 200 years of its existence or so

    2) Even if there was a constitution that allowed individual private gun ownership, that would have no bearing on whether “gun control works” or not.
    It sounds like you are saying ok gun control works but we are “stuck” because of the constitution, but the constitution can be amended so this argument doesn’t make much sense

    Reb Eliezer

    Would this be a arei miklat case?

    Reb Eliezer

    Thinking it over the arei miklat case is where he did a regular function like cutting wood and the axe portion dislodges itself and kills someine. However over here, she should have known better and therefore, she might be negligent.


    Do all cops carry tasers? What would have been the correct course of action if she weren’t carrying a taser?


    I’ve seen some of the video of the incident and one thing popped out. The officer carried her gun in a holster on the right side of her belt. She carried her Taser on the LEFT side of her belt and was, i assume, trained to draw it with her left hand. How could she have mistaken her gun for her Taser? It’s also clear from the video that she was hysterical, scared out of her mind. Why would a 26 year veteran of the force react that way to a traffic stop?

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