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    Now there has been a third fatal MVA involving a Rebbe and the use of red lights, it seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry [ or should I say Chaim Yankel] has one, sometimes I feel like these guys are a bunch of overgrown fifth graders and each has to show who has more wigwags or a higher decible siren

    Shlomo 2

    New York State Police are investigating a fatal vehicle crash on Route 6 in the town of Woodbury
    16 August 2022

    Major Paul M. DeQuarto
    Troop F Commander


    On August 15, 2022, at approximately 8:23 p.m. state police responded to U.S. Route 6 in the town of Woodbury for a report of a three-car collision with entrapment and serious injuries. Initial investigation revealed that a 2021 Ford Explorer was traveling east on US Route 6 when the operator of the vehicle, age 24 from Spring Valley, NY, attempted to pass a Cadillac in front of him and crossed over the double yellow line and entered the opposite lane striking a 2003 Nissan X-Terra head-on. The Ford Explorer then crossed back over striking the Cadillac, he was attempting to pass. The operator of the Nissan was pronounced deceased at the scene. Chaim Gordon was transported to Nyack Hospital for minor injuries. Two passengers in the Ford, Yakov Gordon, age 22 and Mordchi Fromowitz, age 18, were transported to Nyack hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. Additional passengers in the Ford, Levi Szwerin, age 22 and Duvid Grunwald, age 20 were transported to Westchester Medical Center for treatment and later released. The occupants of the Cadillac, including Rabbi David Twersky, age 81 of New Square were not injured. State Police were assisted by the Town of Woodbury Police Department.

    This is an ongoing investigation with charges pending.


    Sima Batsheva

    Who says that any of the vehicles had red lights and or sirens? The State Police press release names all the heimishe passengers in the Ford Explorer and mentions “The occupants of the Cadillac, including Rabbi David Twersky, age 81 of New Square were not injured.” No mention of a Rebbe. We know who Rabbi Twersky is but the police were not seeking to link him or his car to the accident.


    read the disclaimer, this is a ongoing investigation, it also did not say the explorer belonged to new sqaure


    I don’t know if this latest accident is related to misuse of lights and sirens but I was shocked when I saw the son of a different Rebbe came from EY and his entourage illegally used lights and sirens as if it was a great kavod. I don’t understand how the son of this Rebbe allowed the drivers to do this without protest. It is more than childish, it is dangerous. What happens if hatzala loses their right to use sirens because some meshunega thought he was showing honor to his Rebbe? What if police start pulling over emergency vehicles to check if there really is an emergency?


    I don’t know whether the accident involved L&S or such, but while we’re on the topic, I’ve got my two rants to add. I’m stuck of having jerks in BP turn on their obnoxious sirens just to try to get ahead in traffic. Aside from being a pain in the rear and stealing other people’s time, they endanger lives. I’ve come to the point that I almost tune out sirens from any car that isn’t a Hatzalah truck. I’m sure I’m far from the only one. That means there will be actual Hatzalah members who will find that no one will move aside for them due to all the tunas that cried wolf.
    Asid litein es hadin.


    This is one reason people hate us. “Give a Jew a foot and he’ll take a mile.” The state was nice enough to allow private cars to respond with L&S but of course some of us turned that into Rebbe motorcades and I left work late on Friday and I need to rush home. Very juvenile.


    Who does the installation of the L&S on these cars?


    @ujm, private companies, open any of the free weekly that gets given out in the frum community and you find ad for such.


    Is this really happening? Can the community deal with this?! R Avigdor Miller says that b’zman Moschiach beis din will administer malkos to traffic violators.


    @dontmind ditto
    @AAQ the line would run a few blocks long


    To kuvult: I thought the give-foot-take-mile thing referred to Indigenpus Americans. It did in all those cowboys movies i

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