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    some may remember that feivel is the secret identity of mod 80.

    i am no longer able to log in as a moderator

    or use my moderator powers.

    i have sadly become a mere mortal.

    i have been asked to make a guest appearance by some of my old pals.

    i havent much time to do this

    just a short note: ala feivel.

    bird migration entails wonders within wonders within wonders, few of which can even begun to be explained by “evolution”

    a new one has recently cropped up:

    the english robin has a chemical called cryptochrome scattered within its retinas. this chemical uses quantum entanglement to produce a detailed map of the earths magnetic field in the birds vision. (google quantum entanglement)

    if you know anything about quantum physics you know that QE is astounding as well as completely illogical. richard feynman said (paraphrased): if you understand quantum physics then you dont understand quantum physics.

    anyhow apparently “evolution” does.

    this QE idea has not been conclusively proven yet, still very interesting

    any further responses i might make will be from my phone using voice dictation and therefore may be incomprehensible. sorry..

    hello old friends

    Reb Jozsef

    Welcome back, Feivel. Your wisdom and insight have been sorely missed and lacking in your extended absence.


    Hello old friend!


    Hello old feivel. Nice to hear more wonders of creation

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Hello Mr. 80! (When I started posting, you were already a mod, so that’s how I think of you.)

    Great to have you back, even as a cameo.


    Hi Feivel/80 nice to see you back, there were times I did not see eye to eye with you this gives me a chance to ask mechila for anything i may have said that came across harshly.





    I believe that anything that you said in apparent harshness, was because you misunderstood my intentions.

    Im moichel you


    Are you mochel me for saying that the guy should stone the bad chazzan with his esrog?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    it is my understanding that receiving mechila requires doing tshuva which would require someone to say and believe that, given the opportunity, they would not repeat the offense. im not sure you qualify.


    Syag: Bein adam lchaveiro, anyone can be mochel someone else even if he is undeserving or didn’t even ask. Your scenario is getting mechila bein adam lmokom.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    not a troller – thank you. really I was just trying to dis popa, just being silly, guess I have to ask mechila now.


    WB 80/Feivel, I sorely miss you!!


    welcome back 80. Nice to see ur SN grace the pages of cr once again. Your presence has been missed!


    In general (and I’m not saying this is what the OP is doing), I don’t like it when people attempt to prove God by showing what science can’t explain. As a friend once put it, this is called the “God of the Gaps”. The basic logic is that something isn’t natural, it’s supernatural, hence it must have been made by God.

    As science discovers more and more about the world around us, the God of the Gaps is getting smaller and smaller. Maybe there are parts of the Briah that don’t fit in within the rest of the natural order and can’t be explain, but to pin the belief in the existence of God on that fact does run the risk of eventually having no god remaining as the gaps are all filled.

    The need for a God of the Gaps is a Christian idea, anyway. There is nothing in Yiddishkeit that precludes the idea of HKBH establishing a world with entirely set rules. Creatures are all interrelated at some genetically because that’s how an environment works. To quote that same friend of mine, “God found a genetic blueprint that works best for creating living creatures; why would He do something different for some of them?” We believe in a God that created a beautiful world all around us, that has rules of nature that we can study and understand and utilize to better this world because of that understanding. None of that would be possible with a nonsensical environment.

    So while I think there is tremendous Tachlis in pointing out Niflaos HaBorei in this world, I think we do lose more than we gain by taking shots at scientists along the way.


    I’m not trying to prove anything about the Boreh.

    I’m just pointing out that scientists that work in the “deep theory” end of the spectrum of science, in general are fanatic atheists who will overlook any principle of logic or science, no matter how absurd or contradictory their conclusions are in order not to have to accept that there is a Creator. Their faith in this principle, though founded on nothing more than self interest and tayvah,, is wondrous and blinding.

    If you knew how the process of determining deep theory played itself out in the upper levels of academia (as i do) you wouldn’t be so dazzled by them.


    Sam, that is a cute term. But yes, the Christians used to use the argument that since we don’t understand it, it is a miracle, which is proof of G-d. This approach is responsible for atheism following science.

    However, showing intricate design, especially when a complex system could not have functioned with any less complexity, does point to a conscious designer.


    HaLeiVi: Of course. That is the point. It shows the Niflaos of our perfect Creator. In fact, us understanding the intricate world says a lot more about the existence of God than incomprehensible randomness ever could.


    Welcome back, Mr. 80.


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