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    Seriously. I am making some good fun of you now.

    You guys run around thinking that you have bridged the two worlds, and have accepted modern western ideals without giving up the torah, but you are just wrong.

    The latest example, which made me write this, is this:

    So, I was reading Rabbi Professor Broyde’s response, which I posted about separately. He says that modern orthodoxy is about taking the best from western culture, and bringing it into the torah world. He says this is in line with the midrash which says ??? ????? ????? ??, that the best of yefeth should be brought into the tents of shem.

    So first I was wondering, why only western culture? What about Eastern culture?

    But the answer is obvious. The West is Yefeth- that is what the medrash (and pasuk ??? ?????? ???? ?????? ????? ??) are talking about. (Africa is cham, europe is yefeth, middle east is shem. I don’t know who all those other people are.)

    So, don’t think that you are so accepting, and willing to go to other cultures and learn from them. You are only willing to learn from certain cultures, you still feel superior to the Eastern cultures.

    And I include myself in this racism. I also think we have nothing to learn from the Eastern cultures, and even from the western ones, it is not my mesorah to take from them, despite this medrash.

    But, I don’t really think it is racist. I don’t think that we have nothing to learn because we are superior, I think it is because we have the torah. See, if you’d just believe in the torah, then you wouldn’t have to be racist either.


    Well, look who’s all meta tonight. 🙂

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    now motzei shabbos is early enough for you, Popa?


    Popa – what I said the other day about your threads not being as good as they had been a few months ago….I now rescind that… you’re on a roll tonight! keep it up!


    ??? ????? ????? ??

    Doesn’t this mean that ??? ????? IS ????? ??, i.e. in the Torah? ??? ?? ???? ?? ????? ??

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