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    Is anyone on here self-describing as Modern orthodox? I am interested to hear how you feel this differs from what you would describe as Charedi.

    No bashing Please!


    I am modern orthodox.

    It is different because the hareidim are all focused on being frummer than the next guy instead of doing what Hashem wants.

    Like for example this thread. Here you started a whole thread just to prove how frum you are. Is this what Hashem wants?


    Some Chareidim even pretend that they are modern orthodox in order to criticize other chareidim….


    I am modern orthodox and I love it! I was raised modern, became more yeshivish in Israel and went back to modern when I came home and got married. One of the biggest differences is that no one judges you in the modern communities. People don’t care what others do and it’s so refreshing.


    Really – All chareidim are focused on being frummer than the next guy and none really care about what Hashem wants? As opposed to, I guess, all MO who aren’t at all concerned with what other people think and are completely

    Lishma. Do we have a slight overgeneralization here? I’m sure in all strains of yiddishkeit there is a range in motivation for living a frum life. At the end of the day we are more alike than dissimilar.


    Alot of the MO make up their own shulchan aruch


    kfb – You didn’t answer the OPs question. Especially seeing as you have been in both camps – MO and Yeshivish, which are diametrically opposed – can you explain the difference between MO and Yeshivish? [Not what you enjoy about being MO – what is the difference?]


    MO and Yeshivish are not diametrically opposed. In theory, they are very much alike. The main difference is that an ideal theoretical MO Yid is more willing to engage in secular society for the positives it can offer while the Yeshivish/Charedi tries to stay away from secular society as much as possible, not wanting to benefit from the positives in an effort to keep away from the negatives (this can also be used to explain why MO is more receptive to Zionism while the Yeshivish/Charedi are not… MO theory is not afraid of the secular influence of Zionism while Yeshivish/Charedi is). Unfortunately, (and I say this as a person who appreciates the theory of Modern Orthodoxy), I think the fears of the Charedi/Yeshivish velt were warranted in many cases, as you will find more MO’s negatively affected by secular society, maybe being lax in areas of halachah and Talmud Torah because of their involvement in secular society. But that’s not what Modern Orthodoxy wanted to be, that’s just an unfortunate result of it’s failed application to the masses.


    he wrote, the difference is judging others. if u think about it its nuts, there are myriads of differences but the only one we see being mentioned here is a complaint against the chareidi world, in other words a teritz why hes not a chareidie. but the differences of hashkafa like learning in kollel, the goverment in isreal, perishus min haerva, like sperate simchos and events, ‘family swim at pesach hotels,’ and so on are unimportant and have no place in what Hashem wants.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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