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    Where can I get Orthodox or Yeshivish clothing online

    Avi K

    How do you define “Orthodox or Yeshivish” clothing? Go to your neighbor and ask if you can take something off his clothes line. Otherwise checkout black suits on various websites. Just be warned that someone might mistake you for a lawyer.


    The most important part of “Orthodox clothing” is the yarmulke/kippa for the boys, and dressing modestly for the girls. The rest of what we wear changes by the culture that we belong to; so on this part, Modern Orthodox and Yeshivish dress norms may vary.


    Just to add to mw13’s point. I wouldn’t try to dress in clothing that feels like I’m playing dress up. If you wear the yarmulke/kippa (male) you’re good to go. As you evolve you might find that one particular style of dress or culture “speaks” to you then follow you heart. Slow and steady change can integrate into your normal way of life and will remain. Drastic overnight change can revert just as easily. Good luck!



    From other posts,I can see that you are new the Orthodox world. Ask your Rabbi or mentor for guidance before diving into a white shirt black suit and hat garb. Depending on your progress, it may appropriate to dress differently at first or at all.

    (A friend of mine once decided he wanted to be chassidic and bought himself a streimel and bekishe and everything that goes with that. After a few years, the novelty wore off and he went back closer to his sefardi roots. He stills wears the streimel, but told me he doesn’t feel comfortable in it in his local sefardi minyan).

    My point is, take small steps and don’t lose the momentum. If you take a big leap at once, you may be more susceptible to trip and fall.

    Hatzlacha Rabba!!


    Are you male or female? The answer greatly varies depending on your gender…


    even though you changed the name, that comment is still really rude. he is mocking jewish dress

    Okay, gone. -100

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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