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    What is the “going rate” for a mohel performing a bris milah? If it is a community specific issue, in Brooklyn.

    And can a mohel specify a rate halachicly? Is a mohel entitled to compensation halachicly? If so, how much is he absolutely entitled to? Is he allowed to ask?


    i hear that some mohelim unofficially charge $1000 -$1500. I dont think its the neighborhood but rather the mohel you use. The mohel we used was $450-$500. Still alot for just a bris, but cheaper than other mohelim.


    In Europe, NO Mohel charges. any money received/offered goes straight to tzedaka..

    I do not know where the trend came from in USA to charge. I believe it is incorrect..


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    in brooklyn about $500


    I can’t help you with rate info,but I would like to say that I had an excellent mohel who when he came to check the baby on the second or third day,and my husband asked him how much he needed to pay him (because my husband actually didn’t ask him beforehand, being we were very hectic,as you can imagine…)he responded very clearly that my husband owed him nothing and he would never,ever sell his mitzvah! We were floored! My husband who has an answer for everything was speechless!

    And, he does this with everyone,not just us! We asked!


    Four years ago I paid a mohel $500.00. but he did not have a set fee. $500.00 seemed appropriate as he was amazing, especially after the Bris. The bris was on a Friday morning. Shabbat afternoon he walked to our house to check on him, as there had been some health issues with my son when he was born and the bris had been pushed off for a week. the boy was running a slight fever that day. Lo and behold, the mohel appeared at our door motzei Shabbat and again on Sunday morning to check the wound and make sure there wasn’t anything he could do. In retrospect, $500.00 seems a little low in fact.


    mohelim need to pay their bills too, so what is wrong with them accepting presents? Usually they do not state a specific price.

    tomim tihye

    In some communities, the mohelim only request that a donation be made to a particular Tzedaka.


    we paid 400 my friends have paid anywhere between 400-700 i have no idea where 1000-1500 is and this is in brooklyn


    The going rate for a mohel is $350-1000. Depending on what you can afford, how far the mohel traveled, etc. Most don’t charge, but do expect to be compensted for their time and expertise.


    Many Chashuva Mohalim do not charge. We give a gift. Some take, some do not. The trend to cahrge is not in line with the “alter heim”. Rabbi Zimmerman a”h did not charge.Dinover Rebbe, Rav Belsky, and many others feel it is a zechus and will not set a fee.


    The choshuveh Mohel my son used six months ago has a going rate of $700-800. Technically it is not called a fee but a “gift.” I had a mohel respond to my query as to what we owed him for my son’s bris 25 years ago, that he wanted it to be his gift to us. This was in contrast to another mohel that we used with my older son, because this one was in E”Y when I gave birth, who intimated he gets about $200 per milah (32 years ago). We paid as expected.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Still alot for just a bris

    Just a bris??!!


    You don’t have to pay them they just take their tip


    gross goq!


    We paid $660 for a mohel in the northern NJ area. Mohel did a good job but had terrible service and no after care visit. He also asked ME to have many machshirim ready for the bris! We’d never use him again if we’re zoche to make another bris and would not recommend him. In short, if you’re paying already, make sure you receive the customer service you deserve. We felt that the mohel took advantage of us because of our obligation to do a bris…

    Feif Un

    I was told by a mohel that halachicly, a mohel is not allowed to charge money for doing the bris. They can charge for following up on the baby after, when they check to be sure it’s healing properly.

    When I made the bris for my son, I asked the mohel how much I owed him, and he said nothing. I asked him if there was a specific tzedakah he’d like me to make a donation to, and he told me that he has his tzedakahs that he gives to, and I have mine – I should give to one of mine. I told him that as it’s a bris, I feel it fitting to give it to Bonei Olam, to help those who are waiting to perform this mitzvah. He said if that’s what I want, it’s fine – he didn’t want to influence my choice at all.

    estherhamalka, I wonder if we had the same mohel that you used.

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