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    Does anybody know how I can get Monsey Aravos directly from the wholesaler?

    Currently I get them 3rd hand. By the time I get them (out of town) they are already turning brown.

    I am a seller of Daled Minim and need a large quantity. Do they sell direct?


    Monsey aravos are sold by the Swiatycki family. They live in monsey you can check up their phone number, and give them a call.


    Know their number? I’m out of town and don’t have a Monsey directory.

    Also, is there only one Swiatycki in Monsey? I want to make sure I call the correct one.


    I don’t have their number but you can google it, one brother lives live on Soland Dr. and another lives on Carlton Rd. The zipcode is 10952.


    anonymouschochom: How OOT are you and at what frost zone and lattitude? You may be able to do your own plantation if weather/space/labor availability would work for you. I have been to many places where the aravos were unique to the locale. Most were floppy posture varieties with variations of color (red leaaves!) and edge serrations. The variety in NY area is definately a pretty one, but its range must be limited.

    behatzlocho, twisted (sold in 89, and 90)


    the phone # to Monsey arovos is 718-437-0170.

    they are based out of Boro Park, and they deliver or you can pick it up from them directly.



    Is that their direct number? Or is that a distributor. I already have a distributor. I want to buy direct. A big order.

    Are they based out of Monsey or Brooklyn? You gave a Brooklyn number.



    I have no idea what you are ranting about.

    I need these for this year. I am not looking to buy land and planting aravos.

    I am not looking to go into competition with Monsey Aravos. I just want to know how I can order straight from them without going through middlemen!

    Twisted, your rant is a bit twisted!!


    Did you try looking up the info I gave you?


    I was going to look up your info.

    But shtieging got me confused by giving a 718 number.

    Do you know what he is talking about? (Or does he know what he is talking about?)


    No I don’t, the number should be an 845 area code. Unless they have their office in brooklyn.


    I have been getting from them for the past few years. i order close to 4 hundred pieces, they are in boro park and deliver it to my house. Why don’t you call them and speak to them directly.


    Mordechai Swiatycki

    6 Solond Rd

    Monsey, NY 10952

    (845) 425-7743


    How much does it cost?

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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