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    I have to be very careful as to how I word this. I am not putting a shred of blame on any person.

    The tragedy which occurred this week was heart wrenching. A young person went out for a walk and R”L didn’t return home. This unfortunately is not the first time this has happened in Monsey either. While we may not yet know the exact circumstances of this specific case, there is still one thing that is repeatedly in common, VISIBILITY.

    I do not live in Monsey. In fact, I do not live in NY. However, my grandparents lived there for many years and i have driven through there many times. I have also B”H attended quite a few chassunahs there. One thing that was very consistent every time I drove through there is the lack of street lights on many streets (including Main Street). Maybe the attitude among the locals is different, but I am downright scared of driving through many of the streets of Monsey at night. This is due to the fact that many people, who are dressed in dark clothing (which I have no issue with), are walking the streets. FOR THE RECORD: Those reflective strips that people wear, while better than nothing, they really aren’t much better than nothing.

    I am not going to start telling people what to wear at night, or what to be doing while walking. (Obviously you need to use common sense) Let me be clear, I completely understand; reflector strips, vests, etc. can be very annoying to wear.

    To the residents of Monsey; PLEASE DO YOUR PART TO AVOID ANOTHER TRAGEDY LIKE WE R”L EXPERIENCED THIS WEEK!! Please call the municiplaity and your councilman, and demand that the township install sidewalks (where they don’t already exist). MORE IMPORTANTLY: Demand the installation of Street lights!! (If there is an area that already has street lights, ask for them to be upgraded to LED. My city recently did that at an attempt at crime reduction, but an additional benefit is that the visibility at night has increased tremendously!)


    It was not an issue of sidewalks. Unfortunately, according to early reports they attempted to cross six lanes of traffic in the dark in an area without a crosswalk. There were crosswalks 1/3 of a mile in either direction. One sister made it safely but the other was hit just steps from safety. Sidewalks wouldn’t have helped


    this is so scary. so sad:( i cant believe this happened. a nice young jewish girl goes for a walk and gets crushed by a car. anything can happen this world is so scary.


    This happened because of a lack of traffic & street lights. If there was a traffic light, the pedestrian would have waited for the light, but the nearest crosswalk was a third of a mile away. Another factor was the speed of the vehicle. At 60 miles per hour you are driving in access of 88 feet per second but your headlights on;y extend 50 feet. There was no way the driver could have stopped or avoided this accident. Speed was a factor. If the vehicle was going 30 miles per hour this accident may have been avoided because the driver could have would have had more time to avoid the pedestrian, and the pedestrian’s injuries would have been a lot less. Slow down, those few extra seconds or even minutes can save a life. Do you want to live your life with the knowledge you carelessly killed someone?

    I am not blaming anyone for this accident. I am merely stating that an accident at 30 MPH the pedestrian can walk away from but at 60 MPH it’s almost always fatal.


    This how rumors are started that incite the populace. There are some posters that either have no knowledge of what happened or they invent things in order to make a point.

    Street lights would not have prevented this accident. There are many villages in Rockland that do not have street lights on all streets.

    Headlights range well over 200 feet not 50.

    Posted speed at this area 40. There is no evidence that the driver was doing 60. AT 60mph you are traveling 88 ft/sec. not in access (which I believe you mean excess)

    At no time is there 6 lanes of traffic on Rte 59 in Monsey. There are only 3 lanes one of which is a turn lane near the intersection where the tragedy took place.

    The driver was a Monsey resident with no evidence of being under the influence of alcohol or medications.

    This was an unfortunate tragedy. However, instituting a nanny state will not stop tragedies like this from occurring again.

    Finally, it is just as easy to be killed by someone driving 30. If not killed then certainly seriously injured. At 30mph there are 132,000 foot pounds of force.


    “132,000 foot pounds of force.”



    Menschornot,thamks for the correction. The correction. The news report said three lanes and I assumed 3 each way.

    Abba, you in fact blamed everything ( lights, speed , driver) but excused the girls. It was indeed a tragedy but they do share some responsibility

    They chose not to walk to the crosswalk and it was dark. The driver stayed at the scene.


    Based on photos of the incident, there are A LOT of street lights at the site of the accident

    Also, there are sidewalks on both sides of the road yet there are no crosswalks in that area.

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